HE IS !..IS HE ?
Hebrews 11 : 6

  • It is my belief that....if we can get the realities of faith and the faith correct we shall walk in strong confidence.....Proverbs 2 : 1-5

    Most seem to think or have been taught that faith is the substance that God / Yahweh used to create the worlds, this is not so and has led and is leading multitudes on a man and woman made goose chase.

    The truth reads like this.....


    There are a whole lot of faith teachers out there that know very little about God, faith and the faith yet seem to draw the crowds by the millions...amazing you think?....no dear friend actually it is biblical even prophetic....and His word says....

    Fables are short stories,tales,lies......and isn't this the very thing coming from pulpits today throughout the world?...{Tales of money and ease}

    By faith we understand God, God doesn't need faith and to say God needs faith / a substance,  we count Him less than He is and place Him on the same plateau as mere men and women. What we have in  the world today are faith ministers who don't believe that...........HE IS!!..... ....Hebrews 11:6

    Faith ministers, men and women who have not the faith to believe God for their needs. They preach and teach........trust God, go to the prayer closet, just believe and here they are sending letters, millions of letters weekly, asking for money to fulfill the call that the provider Jehovah Jireh has placed on their lives...??????....I must test the spirits, the spirit is known by the words of that spirit. Is it just the spirit of men and women leading the multitudes today or is it holy spirit?.......1 Thessalonians 5 : 24, 2 Peter 2 : 2-6.
  • The word of God framed it all brethren not faith as the word of faith, seed faith, new age, trust in positive thinking college says.
    The truth is, when we sincerely believe that ...He is, what He says He is and who He says He is, we shall no longer be deceived by the lies of the devil/satan or the trickery of men and women................Ephesians 4 : 14.

But as with Israel of old, its degeneration has so largely left us as "Christian" in name only, a shallow profession, buried in pagan-like ceremonies or high-flying unholy hype, and a heap of sin-producing doctrines of devils sure to sear the conscience; mixed up with some well-meaning charity and elements of God-bless-me faith. The Bible is not accepted as fundamental-except where it suits......with a twist!

Isaiah the Prophet said to God's people..what will you do in the day of punishment and in the desolation which will come from afar...to whom shall you flee for help?....Isaiah 10:3
Dear reader, there are many who say to me as I preach on the streets of the sinful city of Brisbane...I belong to this church of this denomination or I go to church on Sunday or Saturday.
Dear reader, even Adolf Hitler went to church but he didn't obey Jesus Christ.
For to this you were called...because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example...that you should follow his steps......1Peter 2:21.

Do you follow in the steps of the suffering saviour of the world?

Therefore consider your ways for the sake of your soul?

Thus says the Lord of hosts...consider your ways.....Haggai 1:7

  • Are you churched but not saved?
  • Christian but lukewarm?
  • Who is your God?
  • Who is your Saviour?
  • Who gives you breath in your lungs?
  • And are you able to face Jesus Christ at the judgement stand?

A 1931 picture of Adolf Hitler leaving church. Two years later Hitler became chancellor and moved to control the German churches.
He even distributed this photograph as part of his effort to gain support. (picture taken from Hitler's Cross by E.W. Lutzer)

St Paul says to the hebrews that Jesus is the author and the finisher of our faith.............Hebrews 11 : 2. This tells us that faith and the faith has a beginning. Faith was made for human beings to enable them to access the realm that God/Yah lives in.......holiness.God is a maker and a creator but He does not need faith as the false teachers of the word of faith movement proclaim..........HE/YAH........IS.

W.O.F.M........teachers, such as the copelands, hinn, meyers, savell, dollar, price, hickey, oral roberts, schuller, houstons and the list grows horribly longer by the day.

All of these basically place peoples attention on a substance, the substance called faith rather than the God of the substance. The w.o.f.m...is all about increase but the baptist/John was all about decrease of self...........John 3:30, 1John 2:15, James 4:4.

There is no room for question, the lies, false doctrine, deception, grandiose plans, visions and proclamations of these heartless scoundrels is evident to all who walk in holiness and truth and to no other will Father allow it to been seen. That those whose hearts are likeminded shall follow them all the way to destruction...............Pslam 60: 1-3.

Just like Samson, they will too one day suddenly come to find that the party is over........God has had enough of the treachery. Don't be fooled [like the majority] into thinking that because a religion.......church structure or ministry expands its of Jesus the Christ. Even satan has free reign upon the earth till the God appointed time of his/the devils destruction..............Revelations 20:1-3, 2 Timothy 2:16,17.

I look out the window and see the moslems grow daily in numbers, the roman catholic system continue to flourish regardless of her whoredoms, the mormons go on recruiting and building, the seventh day adventists still pump out their seventh day dogma, with Jesus as Melchizedek and it is clear that............numbers,financial prosperity and acceptablity in society can never be used as a measuring stick for truth, the Christs holy remnant or righteousness. Jesus says that they are my brother, sister and mother who read the word of God and do it not excluding any scripture that might make life hard for us financially,physically,maritally,socially,economically or personally............1 Peter 3 : 1-6

He/Jesus is either your God or He is not.............amen.


One who despises mammon
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Matthew 6:24

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