Pope Francis 1 .. Reckons that a ‘Clear Conscience’ Trumps Faith. It’s .. OK Not to Believe in God .. if you have a Clean Conscience..

“it's not belief in God that counts”,

but “abiding by One’s conscience” that determines who gets to Heaven, Pope Francis tells Atheists in a letter written to the ‘Italian Newspaper La Repubblica’, responding to a query about whether God forgives (atheists).. “those who don’t seek, Believe (Repent and Obey) the Faith.”
What does the Holy Bible say?. I am sure that you will find another 100 Oracles and more of God-Jesus the Christ to verify that the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church is 'The Mother Harlot' written about in The Book of Revelation Chapter 17,  Jesus the 'Christ the Head of the True Church' says Satan is a Liar and the Father of every Lie.

PSALM 119:105, REVELATION 21:8, 2 THESSALONIANS 8-10, ROMANS 11:18-22, HEBREWS 3:12-19, JOHN 6:64-69.