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Title: Street preacher set alight forgives attacker
Author: Chris Herde and Janelle Miles
Publication: The Age
Date: Mar 7, 2002

A Brisbane street preacher, doused with fuel and set alight, has forgiven his attacker.

Pastor Paul Sheehan, 50, had been preaching "the word of the Lord" on a street corner at West End, on Brisbane's southside, when a man apparently took exception to his fire and brimstone sermon.

"I forgive him for what he's done because the Lord Jesus forgives me," Pastor Sheehan told Channel Ten.
"But at the same time he will now reap what he sows."

Police said the man first pushed Pastor Sheehan into a glass window and returned a short time later, doused him with lighter fluid and set him alight.

"All I could think about was taps and I knew there were none around," Pastor Sheehan said.

"I fell to the ground and I was just hitting myself trying to put it out."

With his clothes and head on fire, he ran into a nearby hardware store seeking help.

A passing off-duty paramedic and the local shopkeeper were able to douse the flames.

The incident happened at the corner of Vulture and Boundary streets at about 10am(AEST) where Pastor Sheehan regularly conducts his provocative sermons.

Some locals have complained Pastor Sheehan's sermons were designed to provoke and stir.

Pastor Sheehan was taken to the Royal Brisbane Hospital for treatment to minor burns to his face and neck and later released.

The 36-year-old offender was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital complaining of chest pains.

He was later released from hospital and charged with attempted murder, acts causing grievous bodily harm and common assault.

The man was expected to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court tomorrow.


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