The full Counsel Newsletter - No 404


(fool....silly, empty headed person, simpleton or moron)

The Christmas (pagan) Season is nearly on top of us and Egypt/The World is rubbing its hands together and  shouting from the roof top, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town are you ready? fact the churches are in there too for a quick quid, pound, dollar and who knows, they might even write a few more up on their Business Savvy Church List.....I can hear the cash registers ringing and singing ...kling!..kling!.....(click here).

Just look at this particular letter as my personal contribution to the pagan season Christmas. We see the world and christendom have in one joint and jolly effort managed to stick, stitch and slap Jesus Christs name on anything that moves and doesn't move, all for the sake of money...mammon....1 John 2:15-17...selah!

Once again the earth shall be filled with the sound of the hymns that so deceivingly quote that....Hark the (fallen) angels sing....."the child Jesus was born today, Christmas Day". So there was a Christmas Day before Jesus?

How could he be born on Christmas Day if there wasn't one?...It is my belief which I share with only a remnant that Christmas day and all the partying that goes with it would have to be the biggest show of unified-joint hypocrisy ever performed by the World and Christendom yearly. They even call Jesus lord but just for the day.......Luke 6:46........(click here).

Worshipping, Telecasting, Praising and Promoting a saviour that they never listen to and if they do, he is seldom obeyed. And even worse is that the world and the Churches agree to disagree with the truth once again and slot Santy in right next to Jesus Messiah in all activities just like the days of old when they lined up Dagon next to the Ark of The Covenant. History forever repeats itself and I am one who's beginning to believe it, how about you?.....1 Samuel 5:1-12....(click here).

Unless of course Jesus is not the focus of this pagan festival then Christmas would be a genuine (man-made) celebration wouldn't it? Ref/Santy.....Galatians 4:8-11.

Go to the street and preach the real Jesus and both world and church goer alike will treat you like a leper, if your message is scriptural .....John 3:19-21, 1 Corinthians 1:18-25, Acts 7:51-54.

I saw my mummy kissing Santy Claus, did you now?...has your daddy been told about this?....or does your daddy go along with the pretend day of the year to keep the rellies at bay. We don't want to ruin the whole day, Santy's Day do we?.....the children would never forgive us, seeing they run the house and the schools and the churches.

Mummy kissing another man, no, that is daddy in drag. But the little children are told it's another man, what's happening with our family values. This would have to be a case for the.....Family First (Jesus second) Political Party of the Assemblies of Gods.They could call it Santy's Anonymous and charge $ for the course.

Well, it's really the only time in the year that the world and the churches have anything in common, I thought that was all year round. Well, we can all relax and lay down our tools of gossip, hatred, murdering and all jump into the same old hypocritical pig pen and eat, drink and be merry before we start another year of fresh bickering and avoiding one another literally, by fax, phone and any other way that is accepted as christian-love.....(click here).

So when asked the question, Paul, do you celebrate Christmas I have to say No but I do celebrate Jesus every day, isn't he wonderful?....Isaiah 9:6. Your faith is proven and shown by your daily giving -(ref/no price tags). There is no sacrifice made or volunteer spirit with price-tags, bar here

When the prodigal son came to his senses he repented/turned from what he was doing/his sin and was restored to the truth, what's going to be your New Year's Resolution?.....Will you go on like a fool in your same old sin or repent?

Fear God and keep his new testament commands!.......amen!

Pastor Paul Sheehan