The full Counsel Newsletter - No 436

(Jesus knows where everyone is and everyone works)

Facts speak of reality and actuality....selah.
There are many ways of doing things but we are guaranteed that the best, most effective and in the end the only proper way is the way of Yahweh himself, the way of Jesus the Christ....Acts

When I heard God Almighty call me to be a spokesman for him I shook my head and my first thought was how in the world can I do this. Who would listen to me anyway, I must have imagined this in my own mind, maybe I am just exalting myself in the pride of life. But it was none of

Yes, Yahweh did call to me and yes, I did answer in a very weak, helpless manner knowing full well I knew not a strip of bible scripture nor understood any of it save, Jesus was the son of Mary and a few other household clichés usually found around Roman Catholic

So what's a man to do with a small voice, no knowledge of the holy bible, a track record as a sinner and a hell raiser, who spent time in prison, spent time totally out of my mind on booze and drugs and no one to stand by me and raise me up in accord with this call I heard?....Click.

● Let me tell you, he lets Yahweh raise him up, this in itself is not a pleasant journey for all around is sinking sand, thorns, briers and scorpions. Thanks be unto Father....Colossians 1:12...Click.

As I went along with Father I started to see that he was providing for this call in the most simple of ways. Father gave me wisdom to discern my steps and there were times I failed to understand the magnitude and the specifics of the call. Over the years I met with many different peoples who contributed to the call he placed on my life but there was one seemingly insignificant contribution made that forever has me smiling at

It was when a young man, an electronics expert came to our little flock (in Milton we were at the time) and he brought with him a 'fax machine' to donate to the work that Father called JTCM to do. We received this machine gladly but how does it operate was another story. Not knowing this we let it sit, not fussing in the flesh.

It wasn't long after and another young man came to JTCM and he was a taxi driver who was working around the clock to start his own business, this fellow was from Kenya. It was him that Father used to install, programme and show us the simple procedure of the machine, that was around late 97-98.

The miraculous facts are, we have run this powerful ministry for the past 20 years on a handful of money, without marketing, tithing or intimidating peoples for finance. By faith in the faith/doctrine of the Christ as Father leads by paraclete power. God bless the peoples who give to this

Since then, tens of thousands of peoples all around the world churched and unchurched have received the words of Jesus the Christ, some to their eternal damnation and others to their eternal salvation, pending on their heart response to the fax/newsletters, tracts. If there be a way to do something or reach someone he the Christ is that way. It's not by might nor by man power or woman power or money power but by my spirit says Yahweh. We forever 'Count the Blessings', love our God-Jesus and as the grain looks to be running out Father tops it up. Glory! ...John 3:17-21....Selah.

● Jesus the Christ says, "I am the Way and my word never returns to me void" JTCM is presently teaching peoples the doctrine of the Christ in 88 countries, appearing poor while making many rich..

Just as Yahweh told Noah how to build the ark even so Father has equipped JTCM with all they have needed and do need to carry out the call placed upon them and yes, I vehemently believe we have only just Corinthians 6:10

Pastor Paul Sheehan