The full Counsel Newsletter - No 86

FOLLY IS SET IN GREAT DIGNITY.. WHILE THE RICH SIT IN A LOWLY PLACE ............................................ECCLESIASTES 10:6.


How often have we seen men and women ruling countries, governments/state federal and local who have as much of Jesus in them as the devil does?

It's always fascinated me even from a child to see and hear what is in the hearts of the leaders in all areas of life. And it has usually been a sad disappointing find when I hear that they are not Godly.. Matthew 12:34.

One of the worlds most famous men .. Nelson Mandela/President .. spoke on the Oprah Show/180701 and said various things that proved to me, you can be a person that is very popular in this world if you are prepared to hold your tongue when it comes to that name .. Jesus of Nazareth.. Matthew 10:32,33.

It brings to mind the all famous Mother Teresa, another one that had the world stage many a time yet never was recorded as telling the world to repent and turn to Jesus for you must be born again .. Luke 24:47, John 3:7.

Mandela said; It takes time to change yourself, it is the brain that dominates the blood... 1 Peter 4:11.

One of Mandela's admirers said that the spirit of Mandela lives in me now. I can't see any advantage in that, can you?.. if he would have said that the Spirit of Christ liveth in me well I could only say .. glory halleluyah!

Oprah herself likes to call the universe God and God the universe, this is a very convenient approach to life and makes for myriads of viewers. She is another world leader that avoids at all costs that precious name.. Jesus of Nazareth!

As a man who is jealous for Jesus and for myself and therefore also for my neighbour, I was deeply grieved when I heard Mr. Mandela speak without a single mention of Jesus the Christ. To be jealous for Jesus is to mention Him in every conversation whether loss or gain. To be jealous for self is to not let anything or anyone be God save Christ. And to be jealous for your neighbour is to tell them that Jesus is the one who deserves all the glory.

In summary I will say that Mr. Mandela showed me once again by the words of his own mouth that he is big in .. humanism .. and that is not what Jesus teaches His disciples. I am aware that many would be upset with me for having a shot at a world leader but doesn't it show you that people worship, run to and follow that which appears great in the eyes of men.. Luke 16:15.

It was some years back now that a ‘Pentecostal’ pastor from Toowoomba City Church, Mr. Ian Shelton had a write up in the Twba Chronicle addressing a certain issue and I distinctly recall him saying .. Lets do a Mandela!.. meaning lets follow in the ways of this man.. are you for real pastor?.. Matt 10:34-39.

Jesus said I am the way and that’s singular.. I am! .... amen.

Pastor Paul Sheehan