"promises that very few church leaders want to hear"
These are not promises (or threats) of the evil one satan the devil but the bonafide promises or most assuredly's of God Almighty....
1.. God will cut off branches that were grafted into his church, vine, if these branches/people, male or female bear not the fruit/character (holiness) of the Christ.......John 15:2.......click
2.. God will cut off all men and women from 'his' church who do not continue to do as he says hence do not be proud and arrogant as the Israel of old......Romans 11:22, Hebrews 3:7-11.
3.. God will and promises to (if it is there) remove, blot your name out from the book of life if you allow your relationship with Him to die, he does this because you have treated him (with contempt) as cheap (less than human value) and not worthy of priority over all things and that also includes your husband, wife and family, relatives and neighbour. Revelation 3:5, Matthew 10:32-42........click.
4.. God says, promises that many 'call' him lord and they have been born-again, they cast out demons, they build buildings and missions and bible colleges with crosses out front, they even do wonders and miracles but they also remain in their sin. Hence he promises these ones he will reject them on the day of judgement. God says there will be many men and women grinding their teeth in tears on 'that' day..... Matthew 7:21-23......click. 
5.. God promises greater and worse punishment, greater and worse punishment than the death of the human body for all who (at one time in their life) had walked with (obeyed) him and then departed because of sin......Hebrews 10:26-30, Hebrews 3:12-15.......click.
6.. God promises, assures all men and women that if we walk after the flesh and sinful desires (especially his people) we will in the end be condemned to eternal death......Romans 8:1, John 3:18-21.
7.. God, my God Yahweh promises and assures all men and women that he is the saviour of all who 'do what he says' and will not, can not and has no obligation to save any other lest he deny his word and himself......Hebrews 5:9, 2 Timothy 2:11-13......click.
I have only written down seven of the many untaught (full counsel) 'promises' of Almighty God/Yah because Father led this way. Print this message off and give copies to those who you love and those who hate you, for in so doing you may be instrumental in the saving of their soul from the eternal living fire of hell, the hell that the God of these promises constructed for all 'grapes of wrath', unrepentant sinful men and women whether iside churches or outside.....click.  
Call for your personal full colour copy of these loving 'promises' to hang on your wall at home or in the office, surely a conversation piece for all who are desirous of 'holy' bible truth.........John 7:17.
These promises of God are not welcomed in churches today because there is no money in this kind of truth, love, honesty, this is God's love in letter form. There is no greater love than warning.....click.
The man was warned that, if you murder you will go to gaol  but he listened not and today he is in gaol.
The woman was warned that, if she kept prostituting her body she would sooner or later end up with aids, today she has not only aids and sits like a skeleton in shame but she was instrumental in sharing her sin with others unto death.
The boy and girl were warned not to touch drugs, spray cans and booze but what did they do?.....Today they are vegetables in a room, brain dead, they didn't listen. There is no greater love than warning.
  If you dear reader don't hearken to what God Almighty is saying, you will regret it for eternity, the greatest torment in hell will be regret. Time is running out!.......click.
Promises of the God of Love, Judgement and Righteousness.........Jeremiah 9:24.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10
Footnote:.. Speak as the oracles of Jesus, have you said today........'I am an unprofitable servant'?.............. .......Luke 17:10.......click