RACE FOR THE BOTTOM!....September/2013.
There's a race for the top, (don't know if you know);
And brave hearts are moving, and that's where they go...
From the low plains of Sodom, so they flee for their life;
Though it costs all they have, and involves no small strife.

In like manner, there's a race for the bottom, 'twould seem,
Today in the West, like a down-spiralling dream;
With morals corrupted, in almost all spheres;
So that one's bound to wonder, if the end perhaps nears!

With violence increasing, stashed full of our screen,
And perversion is 'normal', and fashions obscene,
It certainly seems like a race for the bottom!
With laws passed to favour what's perfectly rotten!

In language, the 'B' words, used at drop of a hat,
Show what's in the heart, (from the heart they are spat!)
Even folk in high office, they oft set the pace,
Of what we could call, 'a bottomless race'!

Take for instance a promise...how many are kept?
And for telling of lies, we've become quite adept.
And a speech needs the sensuous, though wisely covert!
Or if you're too innocent, we can make it overt!

But quote Bible verses, and you're in for a storm...
For don't you know, square-head, e'en children unborn,
Are fair game for murder, being 'matter of choice'!...
And the innocent die, for lack of a voice!

Of course in the image of monkeys we're made!
'Law-of-jungle' persists, if we call spade a spade!
Law-of-God - don't be crazy! No such law does exist!
'Human-rights' you violate, if with truth you persist!

But where is the church that is willing to dare
Preach loudly the truth, without favour or fear?
But gospel perversion has only one end....
Moral perversion!...a religious soft blend!

But the faithful press forward...to the top do we mean,
Where the glory of God on our lives can be seen!
And the powers of evil...shame is heaped on their head,
With the old-fashioned truths of what God has long said!


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ref/Acts 6:4, John 4:44