Dear Reader,

I have heard so much about terror and terrorists in the past years, I am fed up with hypocrites who call arabs evil when they are no better themselves ... Isaiah 64:6.

  • What about the homosexuals and lesbian terrorists?... who spread disease from one partner to the next and millions are dying in the world today through aids... sexually transmitted disease.

  • What about the drunkard who spends all his money at the pub and everyone else's then travels home to beat the pulp out of his wife?... is he an evil man, a terrorist?... 1 Corinth 6:9-11.

  • What about the prostitute who also transmits diseases that lead to death and broken marriages?... is she or he a terrorist?... John 8:11.

  • What about the church leaders who teach people about everything and anything but never preach or teach about... judgement day, the wages of sin and the repercussions of turning your back on Jesus?... 2 Peter 2:18-22 - Acts 20.26, 27.

Are they terrorists?... no! ... they are worse, they have been entrusted to tell the people of the full counsel of God and they have shunned to do so... Woe!

  • What about the drug runner and the porn promoter are they any better than Bin Laden... they are accountable for hundreds, thousands and even millions of deaths annually but because they live in a mansion, talk smooth words and smile nicely at the public they are seen as acceptable.

What I have just talked about is called... lawful terrorism... and it is performed by every tribe, tongue and nation upon the earth. Unless all peoples everywhere repent and turn away from their own personal sins they will all perish in the eternal fire of hell. Which God almighty has prepared for the unclean, defiled, idolater and the unbelieving. Revelation 21:8.