But you are a Chosen people, a Royal Priesthood,
a Holy Nation, Godís own Special possession,
that you may declare/proclaim the Praises of Him
the Christ who called you out of Darkness-Sin into his
Wonderful (Soul Saving) Light-Knowledge-Truth ..
ref/1 Peter 2:9..

Pastor Paul.. I feel Special @ JTCM-Mission, I donít know of any other Fellowship-Church where I have witnessed this. All other Churches I have attended I felt no different than the common man in the street. The Spirit of God moves and gives Witness @ JTCM-Mission. And let me say, if someone could show me a Church where the teaching and standard is as Christ-Like as it is @ JTCM-Mission I will leave JTCM-Mission and go there and I know that you too Pastor would join me ..

Jeremiah 3:15

Brother: Paul Horvath
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane City


The Spirit-Holy Ghost and the Bride-The Church say come and let him that has an ear to hear say come. And let him that is thirsty for Righteousness come. And whosoever is Willing, let him take the Water of Life-the Doctrine of the Christ- the Truth .. FREE of charge $$$Ö ref/Revelation 22:17.

Ďtis so Sweet to trust in Jesusí