(classic means standard)

● ANGLICAN NEWS/Brisbane/Focus August 2007, page 16.

Classic Style Honours Mary/ treasures of St. John's Cathedral, Brisbane City, QLD.

The so called 'sacred' image/icon of Mary is obviously a draw card around the Anglican Religion (of men and women) as it is with their religious twin sister, the Roman Catholic System......click.

A paragraph from the page sixteen article warmly quotes.......
It is hard to miss the icon, as the background to the image shimmers with gold, making it a very difficult portrait to photograph! Around the halo is a Latin inscription which reads "Queen of Heaven Rejoice, Alleluia". In the Madonna's hand is a scroll, also in Latin, which says "Mary the Virgin blesses all you of great faith, you and this city itself" - a very nice tribute for a city cathedral such as St John's.
It was hard for me to believe that a church that claims Jesus as lord and says they have the truth of Christ's Doctrine would engage in such folly and idolatry. But after all it is "Classic" of these religious people to go in such a way........click.

It brought to mind a political promotion of John Howard and Kevin (07) Rudd on an AOG web site (which claims to be prophetic) where the writer Danny Nalliah emphasised on the 'christian' values of Howard and Rudd. Saying Howard had "defined" christian standards. Keeping in mind that both John and Kevin are classic anglican converts and 'considered' men of faith. The joke of the year going to the latest, polls that state 64% of Australians say (with their mouth) they are 'christian'.......ref/Matthew 15:8, 9......click.

But what is the definition of "christian" in today's world and who has the authority to draw the line in the sand?......click.

I must say most who have endeavoured to explain this to me have failed miserably, all because their explanation was one that conflicted with the established doctrine of the Christ. Hence the world and Australia included is stuck with "Classic Style Mainstream Cults" that draw people from all walks of life through all kinds of weird and wonderful/magical infatuations, to a classic Babel Unity.

But still there is the 'paraclete' the holy ghost, who draws and is drawing his holy 'remnant' out of the religious mire via the doctrine of the Christ under Father's Wings, even as a hen would gather her chicks unto herself.....click.

It's by my spirit says Mashiah
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10, 2 John 10, 11

August 2007


Late Notice....After watching a small segment about the 'Exclusive Brethren' on TV recently (22.08.2007) and hearing John Howard's warm response toward them I doubt very seriously if John would have any true idea what being a 'bonafide' follower of Jesus the Christ is all about.

The 'Exclusive Brethren' are without doubt a cult and a serious threat to themselves and to anyone foolish enough to listen to them. John obviously feels comfortable around them (these cashed up ones) for he comes from a more fashionable (and more cashed up) cult, the Anglican Church. What I call a 'Broad Cult' but still idolatry is clearly visible and rife in its ranks just as her twin-sister-cult the grand mumma, the Roman Catholic System, the Harlot Church Mother.....(who are you going to trust)?

(I have spoken with individual 'Exclusive Brethren' within my 20years of ministry and everyone of them had deeply flawed doctrine, very little joy of the lord Jesus, a fear of heathens and they reminded me very much of the 'Masonic Lodge'. Show me a millionaire church leader and I'll show you a suspect person).......... .Matthew 6:24......Selah........click