To Pastor: Paul Sheehan…
If I could ever see or discern the other side of You. I'm sure it would have just as much hate and hurt.

I have never at any time seen any Love, or ever heard you say a kind word for anyone. You are a ‘Very Hateful Spirited Person’ that has no respect or Love for anyone. If You think Jesus was like that You are Deceived. When You can’t answer any simple question that I have asked You. Because You are so self-centred.

Do not even bother to take the time to send me any more of Your Garbage.

One more Question.. Where will You be in The Age To Came? When ‘The Saints Will Take The Gospel To The World’. When Jesus The Messiah Comes, And Reigns On Earth For A Thousand Years. As far as You Believe.. All Of God's Creation Will Be In ‘Some Fabled Hell Fire’. Who will Hear The Gospel In Those 1000 Years?. No More Garbage..

Mr. Tom Varney …
Esk, Qld.

Note from JTCM-Mission .. Tom has delight in the belief that there is ‘No Eternal Hell-Fire and that all humans will go to Heaven in the End. Tom has also had his time in the well known ‘Alcoholics Anonymous Group’. Now you know why the ‘Verbal Tantrum’. Tom is yet another who says ‘God is Love’ but get a load of the letter. Given the doctrine of JTCM-Mission, could one expect anything else from this lovely person … :)

Thomas was mentored and praised by the once well known Rev/Dr Gordon Moyes/AC from the Uniting Church Group. Over the years Gordon has been awarded many honours (from men) including the Companion of The Order of Australia (2002), Member of the The Order of Australia (1986), Paul Harris Fellow (1978), and the New South Wales Father of the Year (1986). His book How to Grow an Australian Church (1975) has served as a seminal work for the Australian Evangelical Movement. Gordon also has another 40 + ‘Honors from Men’ Worldwide .. ref/1 Corinthians 4:11.
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