Brother Thomas Loftus of JTCM Australia, was a butcher by trade rightly dividing shank from shin back in 2005 but today he is 'rightly dividing the word of God/Yah' in the land of China.

Starting firstly in Japan brother Thomas ventured to China with the message of Mashiah 'Repentance and Forgiveness' and now today in 2008 holds gospel meets with Chinese converts on the first day of the week - Sunday with the breaking of bread in honour and remembrance of the sacrifice of the head and God of the true church.....Jesus the Christ of Nazareth.......Luke 22:19.

Although a young minister, brother Thomas is one who speaks as the oracles of Yahweh/God and ministers with the ability that Jesus has supplied him with, all glory belonging to Mashiah as written by St. Peter....1 Peter 4:11.....selah.

JTCM first met with brother Loftus on the street early morn 2005 around 6.00am while preaching, as brother Thomas made his way to work. It was in the timing of our lord and God Jesus that he left his secular job and the Baptist Church he was attending, dedicated his life to the Christ and allowed Holy Ghost the paraclete to lead.

Brother Thomas sat under the unadulterated teaching of JTCM for a season and today runs a small fellowship in China ....'JTCM - China'....and continues to carry the Christ's Message in the regions that surround him by faith in 'the' faith, ultimately by grace.

Brother Loftus ministers by way of literature, e-mail and Sunday Meets. This letter is a fine example of a dear brother who fell in love with the jewish King, the Christ of Nazareth and took his message abroad in the strength and power of the paraclete.

Going in the strength of our Lord!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10



P.S. Dear reader, please pray for our dear brother as he journey's on in the Christ. I am sure Father would be happy about that.