Pastor Sheehan,
Thanks for the response & article links.

The main article relating to 'blogs/moderators' etc, was an Excellent Truthful Critique of these 'Christian' Bloggers/Blog Clubs … Click

Of course very disappointing to hear that 'Giancinto Butindaro' was really no different than AOG ie.. vetted comments, for the purpose of Suppressing Truth & in the name of 'Not Offending' people. I knew not of this man, just referenced the AOG Christmas videos he displays (on his ‘Voice in the Wilderness’ blog site).

That's definitely the Modern Curse/Philosophy, which is here to stay of course , ie. 'Suppressing the Truth' in the name of Community Cohesion/Tolerance/Peace (fake peace.) The European Union building (left) is based on the painting by Pieter The Elder Bruegel, a Flemish renaissance painter (on the right below). Their agenda, & of course the United Nations too, is to 'Unite the Nations' under a One World Government, Socialist Dictatorship & shake their fist at God who separated the tribes/peoples/nations. They are now forcing the tribes/peoples/nations together, whom God separated, under the guise of 'Multiculturalism'… ref/Psalm 2:1-12… Click
The reason I mention this is because the Modern Apostate Churches are in bed with the Governments of the World that are promoting the New World Order of Nations and the way they control Resistance & Protest is to Criminalise Free Speech & Suppress the Truth.

Of course we expect that of the World, but the Modern Ecumenical Churches are also in bed with Governments & apply the same Oppressive Laws to Suppress the Truth & Freedom of Speech. The World Governments essentially have 'thought crimes' now i.e … Click

If you express a View/Opinion contrary to the Implementation of the NWO (New World Order) plan, you will be Prosecuted , ie .. in the name of ‘Tolerance/Racism/Multiculturalism/Community Cohesion' .... straight out of the 'Red' handbook (Communist Dictatorships) Click

And most, if not all of the Main Stream Denominational Churches are under Government Law to promote these lies.... it's achieved by ‘Suppressing the Truth & Threatening people with Prosecution if they 'Offend' those Special people such as Women, Homosexuals Immigrants ..etc...etc…

Yes we're in the age of Lies, Lies & More Lies & Suppression of Truth ! Thought Crime NWO Time !

As Jesus said 'Heaven & Earth Shall pass away but My Word shall Remain Forever !' .. Amen !.. Click
Brother Ray
Pendle Hill .. NSW, Australia
Jude 3, 4