A man and his hoe.

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I saw him but dimly, for darkness had wrapped itself in a shadowed embrace around everything that the sunlight holds dear, a gossamer veil of black lace. The lights of the car picked him out as he walked along by the side of the way I glimpsed - in one hand he carried a hoe, he seemed to be aged and grey. I wondered why he walked alone at this hour, a hoe was no use in the night. His body seemed frail, was he able to work? And then with sudden insight, I thought of the words that were spoken by Christ...night cometh when no man can work!!..I thought of this world overshadowed by sin and wondered how christians could shirk. Full knowing the hour and the cost of a soul, yet lethargy seemed a disease, and no man seemed conscious of lost souls and hell..imperilled, the world lay at ease. The old man probably worked until dark as long as his old eyes could see. O Jesus, I breathed, let this man and his hoe be a constant example to me! His body seemed frail, yet he must have toiled on. My body is youthful and strong I'll go with my hoe to the fields and I'll work, till shadows grow threatening and long....I know that you're coming and lord, when you do, so many aren't ready to go. Each time I'm tempted to quit.....show again, the darkness, a man and his hoe.

.............Mary Mason...1 November 2003

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