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Oh no - not in our day.
We are the enlightened church,
We have found a better way.
We preach the Gospel message,
Without getting anyone mad.
We leave out God the Judge,
And speak of God the Dad.
We major on the promises,
We are positive to the Max.
We want the sinner to feel at home,
We help him to relax.
We are strong on self-acceptance.
We build the ego up.
We are here to make you happy,
So come to church & sup.
You will find such tasty dainties,
Each meal will be so sweet.
Nothing will upset you,
The Sermon will be a treat.
Sunday morning is the best,
Designed to entertain.
With every detail chosen,
To spare the rebel pain.
We have cut out all those nasty words,
Hell, Repent & Sin.
Our Pastor has such finesse,
Even his wardrobe is in.
Our church is for the family,
With fashion shows & fun.
Bowling, Tennis & Swimming,
Plus boat cruises in the sun.
Oh! Away from us you dreary ones,
With your talk of self-denial.
Jesus already bore on the cross,
Now we can live in style.
The Saviour is not offensive,
He only gives good things.
He makes us rich & prosperous,
So we can reign as Kings.
Suffering, hardships & martyrdom,
They are really not for us.
We are giving out the good news,
There is no need for all that fuss.
Persecution comes from lack of faith,
Saints that don't know the word.
Stephen might have been alive,
If only our message he heard.