In today’s churches it is more of .. what the pastor accepts rather than what the word of God says ... we see churches with this kind of thing hanging outside their church for the whole of the public to view..


This is translated as .. we are a church that doesn't go too hard about this God stuff, we will by no means hurt you or upset you! we are here to make all comfy and religious You can surely fellowship here and know that we are not associated with such as those who herald the words of the Christ on street corners nor are we such, that would even consider turning a city on its head in order to save it from eternal destruction.

We are the builders of great clubs, groups and students that excel in their school grades so well they end up further away from God than they were before they came to our church. We are a family church, slow to preach, quick to compromise and quick to send our leftovers to the third world.

The balance .. the church leaders say we must have balance!.. what they mean is .. you must not go beyond the doctrines of men into, the truth and spirit least you find your head on a platter. These leaders at one time in their life actually were on fire in the Christ but they were snared by the devil satan. They were cooled off and now they have become comfy, popular, prestige and bound by the spirit of the man pleaser they can no longer put their stamp of approval on the name of the firebrand least they fall out with the financiers of the church structure world... 2 Timothy 4:1-5.

My dear friend.. the .. balance .. teaching, is a smoke screen that the devil satan hides behind laughing his head off. As I said before the balance is the word and a perfect balance at that.

You may as well be back in the pig pen of the world if you are going to be governed by the acceptance of men, women and religious denominations. The word of God and holy ghost are able to lead all into the perfect balance and in fact if you want the true balance .. its all or none!.. OF YOUR LIFE.

The balance .. goodness and severity of God .. this is to walk a balanced christian life.. Galatians 1:10, Romans 11:22, Romans 12:1,2.

The balance .. when you pick up your cross, deny yourself daily and follow after Jesus the Christ you will automatically have the balance, holy ghost will arrange it all...John 16:13...


What an insult to holy ghost, men and women telling congregations how far they may think, go, travel and give financially.. away with these silly, lazy dogs that are not able to bark.. away with such rotten seed/word of faith teaching, rotten seed, evil to the core... Acts 17:11.

Dreamers, twice dead, pulled up .. by the roots, wanderers, jet setters, and money lovers.. those who fatten themselves and leave the sheep in debt will have their rewards in the next life .. they shall lie down in torment says the Lord God of Israel even Lord Jesus the Christ.. Titus 1:13-16.