Bearing Fruit!......rotten, sweet or none?
By Pastor Paul Sheehan/23.9.2009
Religion and religious peoples are real sticklers for bearing external fruits, very showy, pleasant in word, usually community favourites, with mini-media tart traits, culminating in random acts of kindness, word-play, fund raising, real activity arranging giants. Socialites at heart and friends of the world and not a dot concerned that they make themselves an enemy of the Christ in the process....ref/James

Fruit fascinates me, I have seen trees with some good fruit on them and some not so good and some just plain bad, fit for the rubbish heap only, yet the fruits are all from the very same tree. It is a disgrace for a tree to bear no fruit or rotten fruit actually brings shame to the tree or vine. This is why Jesus said..."if you don't bear Christos-Fruit, it means you are not willing to submit yourself to his doctrine, you are a rebel and a liar and you make him to be a liar and powerless but it is just that you don't want to do as he says-abide, therefore I will cast you out/into the fire, for you are like a dead branch". ref/John 15:5, 6, Revelation 3:1, 2 Thessalonians 1:8.

How many times I have heard churched peoples relate bearing fruit (the character of the Christ) to peoples relationships with peoples I have lost count. There is nothing further from the truth, for unless the Christ Jesus is first/#1 on our friendship list our fruit is not Christos-fruit, and if he is first you can be assured your friendship list will be small, very small, if he is really first. If bearing Christos-fruit depended upon how we treat peoples the Christ need not have even come to this sin-cursed earth. Soulic church leaders simply love to promote humanity, especially as priority, it makes for plenty customers, community acceptance, fringe and moustache benefits and don't forget that all-mighty dollar $$$$$$$$$....Matthew 10:22/(all meaning, all sinners)

Over 52years on this sin-cursed earth I have witnessed peoples in all walks of life and have seen many a people who treated other peoples with kid-gloves (so to speak), these had many friends and all the trimmings to go with it yet Jesus the Christ wouldn't have seen the back page of their address book and church was a place where you got married and met clean (supposedly) friends who were able to be utilized for self advancement.

Still, religious peoples insist that...bearing the characteristics of the Christ.....depends on how you treat peoples, this is totally against scripture/the oracles of God....for unless one is born-again of the word of God and the holy ghost and unless that person walks in the doctrine of the Christ they will never be able or capable of bearing Christos-fruit, total impossibility or a lying sign and wonder but nothing else it can


No mention of any humans here other than the person/branch concerned, to have it any other way would be to de-throne the Christ which is what The Christendom-One-World Church, The Ecumenical Church has done. Yes, these are the Church of the 2nd Command, well pleasing to satan they be, crucifying the Christ afresh, treading the light of the knowledge of the doctrine of (the power of the blood of) the Christ underfoot which is revealed by the holy ghost whom they have grieved away from their temples, auditoriums/play-pens, through living in known sin and false doctrine (if he ever was there).

Yes, I know many a people that fit the 'treating peoples nicely category' yet all are hell-bound, they know not the Christ, they know not his word/way/doctrine nor care to and they tell you so very nicely. Yet they bear a fruit (which they call love, peace, unity and Christian forgiveness) that appeals to the degenerated souls of men and women churched or otherwise. Jesus never went out to make friends with anybody, he went out to do his Father's Will, this was his Fruit and this was his Food-sustenance-pleasure-joy-peace-love-aim-fill-contentment and vocation on planet earth. And in the process made some, a few faithful disciples, a holy remnant and it's the same today/2009. If people are your friend because you are a Christian, you could very well be bearing Christos-Fruit. But if people become Christian because they were first your friend, it makes me wonder who is their priority in this very lonely world of sin. Especially when we know there exists an eternal hell fire for all who don't respond to Messiah's Call. Many follow for fish and bread, dainties and benefits, some all because they simply don't want to go to the house of eternal-torment/hell. None of this is anything to do with the first-and great command...'Love Jesus the Christ as number one in your life above all, even your family, wife, husband and friends'...hello, are you still with me?

When you hear/see churched peoples majoring on peoples you can be sure their relationship with the Christ is strained and lacking spiritual-nutrition which can only ever be found  in the true doctrine of the Christ. This food/doctrine, very few partake of in today's world we witness this by the churches need to glamourise their platforms with coloured fountains, big screens and even bigger screens with their ugly face on them. Preachers wearing diamond rings, diamond or pretend diamond tie bars, white suits and stage performances that would be on par with Bollywood, all of this is a sure and certain sign of 'spiritual malnutrition', a dying relationship with the Christ if not already dead. You may say twice dead, pulled up by the roots, without Christos-fruits (not wanting to do Father's Will), full of froth and bubble, speaking great swelling words of emptiness. Wandering stars, who's hearts are far from God but their lips serve him for self-gain and self-glorification. In a word 'apostates' who have RSVP positions awaiting them in the blackness of darkness forever....ref/Matthew 7:13,14, John 7:17, Jude 12-15, 2 Thessalonians 1:8,

Keep your ears and eyes open for such quotes as ...we are the world, we all serve the same God, don't judge but make sure you tithe, don't be critical, think positive, souls-souls-souls, God is Love, Peace, Unity at any cost, we are a family church, family first, God will never reject anyone, once saved always saved, Jesus is a God, I have been to heaven and hell, God wants every Christian to be rich in monies, spewed out of God's mouth is not rejection, God's love, grace and salvation is unconditional, sexually immoral Christians will go to heaven, lying Christians will go to heaven, when you hear these things you know there is a Harlot Church full of people who have turned from the truth to the tantalising morsels of the fables of men and women...flee such rubbish and be saved from the wrath/anger of God which shall be poured out upon all the earth and you will also be saved from eternal-hell

Unless we are converted from such filth and lies we are not his/Jesus  the Christ's neither are we fit for his kingdom but we are as salt that has lost its flavour, good for nothing but to be trodden on by pagan men and women, outcasts, cast off by God, disqualified and considered reprobates in Messiah's eyes. Unable to escape what is to come upon the earth, self-condemned, people who heard the words of Jesus only but never bothered (or loved Him enough) to ever do what he said in a consistent, diligent, loyal manner....yes, Apostates!!!!!!!!
Are you bearing the fruit of the Christ today dear reader? If you are, you will be bearing the reproach of the Christ without the religious gate or any connection whatsoever with it and everyone will know, you're just not like them/the world or the harlot churches/the ecumenical religions of men and women, thank God for that, rejoice for he comes quickly.......Hebrews 13:13.