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or back-fire

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In the cause
of world peace

-my personal testimony


Sequal to HELL-BENT on WAR


TO BITE.......

or back-fire
the BULLET-which?


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Let's face it: we've all got at
least something of George Bush,
John Howard or even Saddam Hussein
in us when the chips are down
and our personal interests are on the line!....
in our 'unregenerated' self.

I know this is how it was for me!


After many years of pursuing my own 'rights' (what I thought was right) I found out that in fact I was on a collision course with Him who alone is Right!
I was at war with God - but not my God.

In my case it was a super under-cover operation, religion being the super-cover, the opiate of my conscience, till God in His mercy gave me the bullet.........His bullet of truth of who I really was......and wasn't - in his eyes!

But would I bite that bullet or pass the buck to someone else- back-firing it at my accusers.

That was the question.........the choice I had to make!

Yes I had the choice to come clean, get my own 'house' in order (charity, as a lot of other things, begins at 'home'); or throw mud (my missiles)- of which of course I lacked no supply.

But by God's grace I chose to come clean. I knew it was that, or accept the fact that any declaration of war was indeed on God Himself who was my real adversary!: - surely a no-win situation for me by any stretch of the imagination!

Like us all I found that the truth, especially about myself, did hurt - like a surgeon's scalpel reaching for a cancer.

And like us all, I had the opportunity (as pastor Paul Sheehan would say) of bailing out from the Creator's operating table before the operation was completed or barely underway (as many do) and the healing gospel balm had been applied...........bringing peace with God, peace with my neighbour, and so, peace within.

Yes, in my case, the operation involved the removal of my religious veneer (painfull as it was) - the evangelical garbage of my own making - my idea of Christ's covering of known unforsaken / recurring sin!

But now, no longer was there time or room for such make-belief games with God - a white wash, but not washed white! Mere good professions and intentions were no longer good enough.

My key was neither 'works' or make-belief 'faith', but HONESTY
-admission, repentance and acceptance of who I am willing to be, and therefore are, in Christ! as a new creature.........without acting the opposite! (Or accept I am a hypocrite! irrespective of the pathetic and demonic pleadings of the 'church'!)

That was the real battle - the battle within.


But I surrendered! Christ won out!

Now I am free........liberated from the world, the flesh and the devil (to the light I have).........but especially from the 'church' with its garbage gospel! - "blind leaders of the blind," Jesus said, ("and My people love to have it so!")

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Now, I am at peace.......with God and any and
every neighbour I have, ( whether they are willing to be or not).


Yes, sin calls for love.......NOT PEACE: - a 'war' of love, armed with the scalpel of God's Holy-Spirit TRUTH about you and me (including ' sin, righteousness and judgment to come' (check God's website: John 16:8 and Hebrews 9:27)..............followed by our acceptance of the healing balm of the true gospel of HONESTY, REPENTANCE and PEACE WITH GOD through Jesus Christ!

Click on too to John 3:19-21
It could mean your SALVATION........and the difference
peace or war........WITH GOD! and your neighbour. ....27.03.2003


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