Dear Churches of Australia,

I don’t really know where you are at these days. But nevertheless I feel on my heart that the least I could do is pass it on…. Another little morsel of meat/pick me up/stir me up (or whatever you may like to call it).

Everywhere I read in Scripture it seems to me that the Lord never left Himself without witness- a stirrer, when/as needed: David had it, as did Ahab, Zerubbabel & Joshua (the son of Josedech), Lot, to name a few; as also Israel in general. Also as said Peter in 2 Peter 3:1, and Paul in Hebrews 3.

I know I’m getting my stirring these days, which is the only way to be, isn’t it – the only way we can survive. I get it at least every Sunday morning! Which is a real experience, giving me opportunity to move on. For as we know, there is really no standing-still position, is there?

However, not often is the stirrer loved – in Elijah’s case called ‘he troubleth Israel’ and my enemy (Ahab talking); though in Nathan’s case (with David), and Haggai's case (Zerubbabel and Joshua) it was a good response of repentance and action; while Lot as usual dragged his feet!

I find the messages to the 7 churches of Revelation perhaps the most relevant today. No one (generally) seems keen to minister on those these days, though everyone seems to be in for the rest of Revelation, if they have enough imagination.

I might try and get another one of brother Paul’s tapes to you – guaranteed to fulfill: Let the righteous smite me… and the excellent oil…

Again with Christian love from us both.

Brother Donald Wilson. (CLICK HERE)