We are not reading anything unusual here. This scripture in fact gives the whole world a birds eye view of the attitude, heart and mindset of not only the rich today but the churches and their leaders.

Abraham, the man known as the father of the faith was being ministered to by a man, a rich religious man who was in hell so to speak. Does this remind you of anyone you know?.......(in a living hell daily - known sin).
  • The hell bound trying to tell the righteous (the one in right standing with Yah) what to do, what to preach, and what love is, does this bring back a few memories?.......those who go on in their sin while  proclaiming love.

    Most seem to know exactly how people are going to be saved from hell and the exact music, church and compromising leader that is able to persuade them to join their religious club and hand over their credit card to them, don't they?

    The sad reality is, these people are very wrong and are no better than the rich religious fool in hell fire trying to dictate to Abraham/the pastor, how and when it all shall be done. This kind of behaviour is rife in today's society and churches.
  • People who have never been beaten (assaulted, taken to courts, excommunicated from religious establishments and nearly put to death whether by fire or sword) trying to minister the love, power and message of the Christ.......Phil 3:10, 11.

    St Paul came in power of the ghost of the Christ not show business, glitter, big bands and Armor Guard arriving to collect the days (haul) collection $$$.....2 Corinthians 2:17, 1 Timothy 6:5...Selah.

    Brother Abraham knew of this rich man and the rich man knew of Abraham, he called him father Abraham. This is a last days reminder for all church goers whether Pentecostal, charismatic, automatic or evangelic. No 40 day program will cut it with the judge, Jesus the Christ if there be sin, known sin in your life.......Hebrews 5:9, Luke 6:46.
  • This rich religious fool who was teaching his worldly acceptable gospel from the fire of hell, although in hell was so proud and arrogant, he still persisted to try to teach, advise, the messenger of the Christ and we have no shortage of such peoples male and female in the churches and world today, do we?.......2 Timothy 3:1-9.

    Brother Abraham told this rich religious fool who was in hell fire that if his relatives were not prepared to listen to Moses and the prophets (the Christ doctrine) there is really no hope for them as there was no hope for him anymore, all because Yahweh prizes his word/doctrine above all things even you, me, man, woman, child.......2 Timothy 2:11-13, Ezekiel 9:1-11.........read carefully 1 Timothy 4:16.

    We may like to fool ourselves and think that Yahweh is going to change his plan, doctrine and judgement for our church, relatives, family and ourselves but he will never do such a thing. Call for the audio today about this subject, get the full counsel on this matter and be blessed........("No!......No!.....father Abraham"/FB 222)......call today 07 3818 9830.
  • All liars have their part in the lake of fire and brimstone...........Revelation 21:8

Pastor Paul Sheehan