Thank you Pastor Paul for the truth. It hurts and it also humbles. Then it brings good things from God …. Click.

JTCM is a true church, a ‘Escutcheon (shield) of Honor’ in your city and country, a heralding church, a church of the holy ghost, liberty, justice and not of this world. The Lord gave me this about your church …. Click.
God will send the delusion?.. Oh my… Are we that wretched ?..Can we hear this truth ? Will the merciful God of all snatch our souls from the fire?.. Tough job Paul …

Please come to the USA and preach the Gospel. A prophet is not welcome where you are out back down under … Click.

PS .. thank you for clarifying and redefining that ‘God’s love is not Man’s love’ and thank you for the vids. Finally I can view them on my new ‘T Mobile Phone’.

And with your permission I would like to post your Web Page link on forums ….. please.

Bro: Patrick R … Minnesota/USA
Apr 26/27 .. 2012