Hi Pastor Paul..!
Glory to our Lord because you speak the Word of God.
I pray to the Lord that He gives you a lot of ‘Wisdom of the Lord’ and strong blessings come to you. I say this because I feel the Love of the Lord. God used you to shine the True Light in my life.

You are like Paul the apostle, you speak bold the Word of the Lord Jesus. Thank you once again Pastor for all that you give to me and what’s most important is the food for the Soul… The Word of God.

I am content with what you give to me and what you gave of the Lord to me. The ‘Good News’ of the Lord. I like what you sent me about the call of Saint Timothy… ref/ 2 Timothy 2:2.

You know Pastor what the Lord said to me today?.. “take care of (respect) all the Gifts of the Lord”… in the writings of Paul .. ref/ 1 Corinthians 12: 1-30.. was the Word for today that I received from the Lord.. just like you said, this is the Good News... halleluyah!....


God bless you Pastor....
Brother: Calbo Ronilo Margen (Preacher)
Jesus the Christ Ministries-Mission, Bacolod City, Philippines