(It's 2004 Ken and it's getting worse by the day)
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Ken Copeland sees himself as a prophet of God and so does the myriad of gullible and covetous peoples that tag along hoping , one day they may be like him at the top of the heap....I'm talking pyramid language here maybe even Egyptian Isaiah 30:1-3.
  • Copeland's prophecy of Islam:

    This war particularly the way you know it now is not going to last as long as everyone thinks it is because the major parts of it will come apart and fall.

    The deathblow has already happened to the nation of Islam, in my eyes says the lord it's already fallen and it is no more..............KC/December 2002.
Once again the ye old positive thinking of a wicked man, who lives in a wicked nation which is in direct line for one of the greatest attacks a rebel force has ever layed on any singular nation on the earth......(click here).

Islam, has not even started to flex his muscles and when he does the so called greatest nation on earth will be the first to experience (hands on) the impact of this rebel force which the almighty God of Abraham has allowed to exert on the sinful nation of America.....(click here)

Mr Copeland's report is false and his aim is to appease, please and gratify the crowd or at least those who would be stupid enough to listen. Jeremiah the prophet would call his report nothing other than ...untempered mortar and from his own arrogant worldly heart.....Jeremiah 14:14.

Like all word-faith teachings, they are but froth and bubble backed up with loud music,, loud dress, loud motor cycles, loud mouthed men and women with very little substance. Words that can never deliver from sin, covetousness, lies, greed, lust or satan, great swelling words leading people into a false security.... 2 Peter 2 :12-17.

Copeland's prophecy in a nut shell is only....'positive thinking'....not Yahweh's Thinking. God knows how to humble men, women and nations......America get ready, get right with God for you will be humbled for you have exalted yourself above the holy bible for too long........Jeremiah 15:3.

The holy ghost journalist
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Ezekiel 3:1-15, Ezekiel 9:1-11.

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