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Taken from his message at the Time Square Church, 15 Feb/2004
Titled.....Christ the Searcher of Men's Hearts/Part Two.
  • Dave makes mention of the church at Ephesus.
  • My comment is...it was poor, boney and never addressed the heart of Christs issue with this church, which was the removal of their lamp stand.

    Dave didn't dare mention what that really meant did he?
  • Dave makes mention of the church at Thyatira.
  • My comment is...it was acceptable what he did say but yet again he did not dare make mention of what Christ said would be the end results of the people who walked in spiritual fornication, did he?....(click here).
  • Dave then makes mention of the church at Laodecia.
  • My comment here is...his teaching was void of the loving explanation of what Christ meant when he said he would....."spew them out of his mouth"....which is the main issue here the punch line you could say. This leaves David with yet another question mark over his ministry and his much sung about title as a prophet, doesn't it?.....(click here).
  • Dave called Rev 3:15-16, terrifying words but what does this amount to if these born-again, blood washed,  tongue talkers didn't repent as Messiah commanded?
  • My comment is.......spew can only mean - cast out, cut off, get rid of, reject or disown, name removed from the book of life. As a servant and son of Yah I challenge all church leaders, ministers, ministerettes and theologians to search their hearts and ask themselves this one question.......

    Am I suppressing the truth, the full counsel of God, am I holding the whole truth back from publication for my own names sake?........Romans 1:18.

    If you are one who practices, teaches or subjects yourself to......punch line avoidance.....are you not one who is denying the Christ and are you really any better than those who dance and fornicate with evil spirits and are you not self deceived even to the place where you think that Yah will overlook your wickedness all because you label it caring for and loving the sheep. This kind of mentality is rife in most bible commentaries and pulpits today.......(click here).

    There is no possible (Godly) way any professing christian born-again from above minister could maintain their testimony of the truth without yelling the holy bible punch lines, absolutes and ultimatums from the roof tops. Anything other than this is but chaff......Jeremiah 6:10-15.

    Tell my people their sin!
    Pastor Paul Sheehan.....11.9.2004
    Isaiah 58:1, Galatians 1:10.
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Note: Romans 11:22, Rev 3:5, Jeremiah 2:21, Psalm 15, 2 Peter 2:22.............(click here).