.. but evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse deceiving and being deceived
.. 2 Timothy 3:13...

One of Jesus sayings was .. beware of men, this also numbers women with the males here for they are by no means exempt.. Matthew 10:17.

Evil men and impostors will multiply, they shall become more in number and darker in deed. Out to destroy anything that makes for good or order and forever twisting the scriptures for their own advantage in this life always living in bondage to various lusts and controlled by spirits that refuse to accept the .. true doctrine of the Christ... Acts 15:22-29.

First of all these are already deceived which is why they continue to be deceived hence go forth with their deceptive doctrines making merry with unstable, untrained and undisciplined souls... John 8:30-36.

One of the chief false doctrines of satan the devil in the end times will be don't need a pastor/shepherd. This is what satan basically said to Eve. Listen to me not to God, satan never once called himself a shepherd but he did say he knew better than the great shepherd of the soul God the Almighty.... Genesis 3:1-5, Ephesians 4:14.

Deceivers always offer an easier road with less obligation and responsibility for the new recruits. Some take on the breaking away from the society realm into a self sufficient mode, living outside the local town or shire.. they are usually those who frown upon submission and real authority.

These deceivers reject the pulpit congregation arrangement and prefer the sitting in a room with all having a shot at teaching and prophesying, their pride is not hurt so much when they are not having to sit before a preacher especially one who seems to be inferior to them .. in their mind that is.
  • Great swelling revelations are the order of the day for these wolves who creep into the flocks and set aside souls for their feasting. I have come to notice that the .. book of revelation .. is a prime mover for the impostors and deceivers in calling the weak, unschooled and ignorant to themselves. A real (infatuating encounter) is experienced by all who fall for the snare.

The seventh day adventists are experts at it .. full colour, full gloss, A3 posters with devils, angels and man engaging in a spiritual battle, while Jesus or at least the supposed Jesus standing by with Allens Lollies in his hand saying something like .. Its alright children you are mine, you keep the Sabbath .. peace and safety I say unto thee ... Galatians 4:8-11.

Never have I seen such a high fatality rate as that which is accredited to the misinterpretation of .. the book of revelation, I call it satans most mystical maze, once again just take a peak over in the back yard of the 7th day adventists ... and you will see what I mean.

Remember we are talking about deceivers, being deceived and deceiving. Once a man or a woman have been deceived by a group or cult or religious denomination there is always a large possibility that they may fall back into deception once again that is if they have managed to escape the fowler at all.

  • I have always believed that the only cure and prevention if you quicken to it early in the peace is found in the gospel according to John ...


This is a hard thing for most and becomes a stumbling block rather than a rock for all ages and a soul saving decision. If any man decide to do what Father says, really and truly surrender to Father in the name of Jesus by the power of holy ghost/the paraclete they will know the truth and be set free from the bondage of the evil one in all aspects of their life.

The biggest problem with deception is always the doctrine, what is the teacher the supposed pastor, prophet saying?.. Hebrews 5:9.

We live in a world that no longer wants to live by doctrine/rules how much less the doctrine of the Christ?.. There is one common thread with all those who are deceived, being deceived and deceiving .. and it is their motives are all wrong, they are out for themselves yet masquerade as mothers little helper so to speak... 2 Corinthians 11:5-15.

Lucifer hated the rules of God Almighty and there came a day when it all manifested and his true colours came shining through. This is where the hatred for rules came into being, satan passed it onto Eve, then Eve to Adam and the wheels were set in motion for the deception of all ages .. the free spirit movement was born....

  • The I don't need a pastor, although I am not a pastor or teacher or any of the five fold offices, I don't need a pastor ... they say.

Sheep need a shepherd and shepherds don't shepherd shepherds, shepherds shepherd sheep. Who places the shepherd in his office.. the one who ascended the great shepherd. To say you don't need a shepherd is to say Jesus doesn’t know what He's talking about, for it was Jesus that gave the five fold group to His Church ... beware of men!.. Ephesians 4:7-16.

The deceived usually have a swag of teachers and usually are easy to accept most unbiblical stories, they change their doctrines regularly and surf the world web for more and more new, greater, bigger revelation knowledge. In so doing they unbeknown to them are actually playing an Eve .. she wanted more than what God wanted her to have. It was a spirit of pride passed down to her by the snake.. I will be someone even as God .. I will know all things and everyone will come to me and boy will I tell them... Genesis 3:6.

This one, this deceived one has not done what John 7:17 said to do hence can never expect to know the doctrine of God, the truth or go free from such deceiving spirits. Knowledge puffs up .. meaning that gathering knowledge with wrong motives and intentions without subjecting ourselves to Father will lead us to pride, then a fall maybe even into hell fire and brimstone.

  • The devil will never flee until we submit ourselves to God first, then we will be granted the power of holy ghost to resist the devil and he will flee, its a guarantee, a promise of God. Deception lives where the person does not want to die... John 12:24-26.

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Deceived, being deceived and deceiving, the wages for all who call Jesus Lord but do not what He says .. false prophets for false people, if you are being ripped off, conned, led down a garden path as they say .. I ask you to check your own heart and see if you desire Fathers will, for it all started there, the devil can not start a work in you until the day you give him legal permission in the spiritual realm to commence work in your life.

  • This is why St Paul said to the Galatians .. if we, live in the Spirit let us also walk in the Spirit ..... Galatians 5:25.

Meaning, if you have been born of the holy ghost and made a child of God, made acceptable by His/Jesus blood, because holy ghost dwells within why don't you do what holy ghost is telling you, by the way of scripture and His Jesus five fold ministry?..

  • It all leads back to John 7:17... not my will Lord but yours!

Remember, if you have been deceived are deceived or thinking of letting your self be deceived it all started with you, it was you that gave the satanic construction company the OK to start work in your life the moment you said I'm sick of this rules/doctrine stuff, I'm out of here, satan wait for me.

If Jesus is only your Lord by word and not in deed, He is not your Lord and you are not His servant or sheep ... or even safe.. Luke 6:46.

  • Grandiose visions, teachings, prophecies and dreams are the signs of a deceived person, ministry and church in the end times .. 2 Peter 2:18-22.
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