The Devil/Satan ... Part One
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The Deceiver / That Serpent of Old

For some time now I have wanted to explain a particular scripture that is continually used among churches in Australia and because of ignorance and false teachers many have received the wrong interpretation of the scripture. The scripture is found in 1 Peter 5:8.


Most are taught that Satan is a lion.. this is totally wrong to start with. It will always be the same, if you start wrong you'll always be wrong until you rectify the mistake and start a fresh.

Satan is not a lion but a devil or evil spirit. Jesus is the lion, the lion of the tribe of Judah.. amen?.. Revelation 5:5... Proverbs 28:1.

Most pastors, teachers and so called prophets in Australia anyway say that there is this devil/Satan who goes about yelling at people and roaring and making trouble for all in his way, beware of him, for he will surely destroy you. What a load of rubbish, the devil/Satan is and has been under cover from day one till the very day that he shall be revealed. 2 Thessalonians 2:8.

Satan is a mystery to all except the Almighty God/Lord Jesus the Christ. It is lack of knowledge that church leaders teach such deception, claiming to be wise they became fools. I have witnessed many who call themselves Doctor, tell of this translation of this particular scripture, I think they need a doctor. Father told all .. let few of you be teachers, for they shall receive a stricter judgement. Satan is a prosperity teacher... Matthew 4:8,9.

In order to interpret scripture we must first be sober, not silly, many are silly in the churches today. People fear sobriety/reality, it asks, too much from the human being, in a world of such bountiful fantasy and fun.

The scripture clearly says that Satan is like a lion .. like .. a lion, he is not a lion. The scripture says he walks about like a lion. How does a lion walk?.. very softly, quietly, not with noise, yelling or shouting. The devil is more quiet than a church mouse. Never has a lion roared until he has taken the victory. Christendom is on a wild goose chase and the devil is having a field day, all because of the misinterpretation of one scripture. When a detective is looking for a suspect, he makes sure he has all the necessary information and that it is all correct before he ventures out.. do you?.. otherwise he labours in vain.. 2 Timothy 2:14-19.

Satan is like a roaring lion ..Peter describes the animal, a roaring lion or a barking dog or a singing bird. This tells us he/Satan is hungry and desperate for your soul, he will use anyone to slay your soul, to drag you from the road called strait onto the wide road of compromise and lukewarm living in Christ.

Satan knows that Jesus is made sick in his stomach with lukewarm, sin loving professing Christians. So remember this .. Satan is a master of disguise, a smooth operator, an oily character, a very polite person on the outside but under the veneer of whoever he uses is this cunning devil, who knows too well the character of the human race .. people love to be pampered and flattered.

Next time you are watching a documentary on wildlife, watch the lion how quiet he is and how sly he is, never noisy.. he's like a snake/the serpent of old. The truth will set you free. . . Isaiah 58:1. Isaiah 5:20. Jeremiah 4:22.

October, 2001

This is a seven part series.