and religious liar!
September 2013


The Bible beautifully says: 'In the beginning God made them male and female;' (not sodomites, transvestites, hermaphrodites, rapists, adulterers, adulteresses, harlots, paedophiles, incestuous, or any other form of moral pervert!), 'and the husband shall cleave to his wife.' (Matthew 19:4-5)

Praise God that neither He nor His truly born-again children are perverts. Certainly, the devil is a pervert, and so his children - religious or otherwise!

Jesus emphatically said, 'Moral perversion is from the heart'....not from natural genetics!.....though definitely from spiritual 'genetics'!

For Jesus also said, talking of the spiritually genetic state of many of the church-goers of His day, "You are (spiritually speaking) of your father the devil, therefore the (genetic) lusts of your father ye will do!" (John 8:44.)


The Bible adds that moral perversion such as SODOMY is actually a curse prescribed by GOD HIMSELF as judgment on those who fail to accept Him as the perfect (not pervert) Creator. (Romans 1:18-28.)


Furthermore, the Bible says, 'Because people love not the truth, but have pleasure in unrighteousness, GOD WILL SEND THEM strong delusions so that they will believe a lie!' e.g. natural genetic perversion! (2 Thess. 2:10-12.)


Surely it is a crime against humanity to tell or agree with anybody, that naturally speaking they are genetically a perverted being...created that way, and so confirm their delusion and effectively close the door on them ever seeking and accepting true conversion.

And surely it is a crime against Christ to classify a pervert as 'Christian', simply because they profess to be one, are accepted by a church! and appear to the carnally religious minded to be 'a nice person'. (See 2 Corinth.11:13-15.)

Yea, woe to the preacher, teacher or false prophet, who would otherwise teach 'lies in hypocrisy, having a seared conscience.' (1 Tim. 4:2.)


The truth is, as Jesus said, 'A good tree does NOT bear perverted fruit.' (Matthew 7:18.)


Yes, Christ Jesus definitely came into the world to save repentant perverts and bear witness of the truth...which sets a person free from the bondage of their perversion! and does not call good evil, or evil good! (Matthew 1:21, John 8:31-32.) Truly, lies save nobody...but surely damns all its believers!

ALL ARE PERVERTS...and liars

The sad fact is, that, outside of true repentance and the genuine new-birth nature, all are in some way perverted, having sinned like Adam and Eve, and therefore divorced themselves from God, the source of all goodness, righteousness, spiritual life and the unperverted.

For sure, in the unconverted condition, high on the lists of moral perversions, we are liars to a person, being true to our adopted spiritual 'father of lies' - according to John 8:44. And so, in like manner to Adam and Eve, we invariable reach for the filthy fig-leaves of lying excuses for our perversions.....blame-shifting, back-stabbing on God Himself!....."The nature that Thou genetically gavest me, makes me this perverted creature!" (Genesis 3:12.)

Add to what Paul calls 'doctrines of devils, speaking lies in hypocrisy,' such as "Unconditional love', (no mention of God's flaming vengeance against all unrepentant sinners!'....'christian' or otherwise - 1 Thessalonians 1:8-9 & Matthew 7:21-23); 'Grace only', (no mention of 'Repent and be converted that your sin may be blotted out!' - Acts 3:19); and the currently popular unbiblical cover-all for all time, 'Judge not', (no mention of 'Judgment must begin at the house of God!' (1 Peter 4:17, 1 Cor. 5:3, 11-13.etc.)

AN ADDICTION!....not a natural genetic state

Another fact is: The willing acceptance of the first thought of sin is enough for it to claim one as its ADDICT! The moral barrier is broken, the devil is in control, and there is no saying what the stopping point may or may not be, outside of true repentance. It is no use trying to shut the moral door when the devil has already been admitted! And as we may know,' Little leopards (a mere entertained thought) become big leopards, and big leopards kill!' As long as we accept the devil's damning lies (in contrast and opposition to Christ's saving truth), yes, ours are the (mistaken) symptoms of natural genetic deformity. How else can the carnal-christian mind explain it?! ......though of course flagrantly contrary to Scriptural explanation and remedy!


Ephesians 5:5 says, 'No such person (unrepentant) enters God's kingdom!'
1 Corinthians 6:11 says, 'For exactly such WERE some of you, but not now!'
2 Timothy 4:1-4 says to preach the truth and rebuke lying fables.


Genesis 19:1-29 & Jude 7 reveal God's judgment on legalised sodomy  - the total destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah as a witness to the world forever!
I was once far away from the saviour,
And as vile as a sinner could be
And I wondered if Christ the Redeemer,
Could save a poor sinner like me.

I wandered on in the darkness,
Not a ray of light could I se
And the thought filled my heart with sadness,
There's no hope for a sinner like me!

And then in that dark lonely hour,
A voice sweetly whispered to me,
saying, "Christ the Redeemer has power,
To save a poor sinner like me."

I listened and lo, 'twas the Saviour,
That was speaking so kindly to me.
I cried, "I'm the chiefest of sinners,
Thou can save a poor sinner like me!"

I then fully trusted in Jesus,
And O, what a joy came to me;
My heart was filled with His praises,
For saving a sinner like me!

No longer in darkness I'm walking,
For the light is now shining on me;
And now unto others I'm telling,
How He saved a poor sinner like me!

And when life's journey is over, And I the dear Saviour shall see,
I'll praise Him for ever and ever,
For saving a sinner like me!
C J Butler
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