My Helper Egypt!


The Courier Mail 17.8.96


Once again we encounter what the Assembly of God call faith in Jesus Christ. It is clear that they have and continue to go to Egypt/the world to support and pay for their dreams and fantasies which they call .. the order of God almighty.

  • When the true God/Jesus the Christ orders something He is capable of paying for it.... Isaiah 31:1.

Could you imagine the men of the holy bible .. Elijah, John the Baptist, Jeremiah, Paul the apostle of God not of man, placing their advert in the .. 'Jerusalem Times'... asking unbelievers to cover the costs on his latest fantasy/vision/building project?

I suppose business is business to the business man and woman no matter what. And yet again Jesus name is placed under the heading... incapable .. The A.O.G. need to read my book .. They Labour In Vain I am sure it will deliver them from their delusion. Just give us a call or fax or write us we place no charge on our books, tapes, video or literature .. its all free. We are not a business, we are a house of prayer... people who communicate with God/Yah and are content with that .. amen.