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Beware of Angry Watchmen by Carter Conlon/Times Square Church ..
Comment sent to Pastor Paul Sheehan/21.1.2013 .. regarding his comments on Carter Conlon.. “Your Hatred and Slander make your Father proud”…

“Who taught you to Hate and Mock and Slander and be a Self- Righteous Judge, It was not the Lord. Jesus said False Prophets devour while Calling Themselves followers. But Jesus commands you to Love. Why don't you obey Him? Your fruit is easy to see. For you shall know them by their Fruit saith the Lord. Your mind is consumed with the desire to spew Evil, for you have not the Mind of Christ, the mind of a Lowly Humble Servant who made Himself to be nothing. For you Exalt Yourself above His Throne… From/The Sold Out Kid-USA … (whoever that is).
Pastor Sheehan Replies/21.1.2013 .. These are the days 2013 they call 'Exposing Religious Crooks ... Slander' and they call 'Rebuke.. Hatred'. The Devil-Satan is greasing all the Backslidden Prostituting Churches and their Leaders up ready for the Biggest Show of 'Superficial' Love the Earth has ever seen. Lying Signs and Wonders will be thrown in as a Bonus Feature. I prophesied over 20 years ago that the Devils Cry/Message in the Last Days will be 'LOVE', and Jesus Message will still be the same as ever…. Repent and Be Forgiven!!!. ref/Luke 24:47, Matthew 10:32-42, Romans 11:20-22, Hebrews 3:12-15 ..

Sad to say , that when I went to post my reply, which is above for all to see, all I got was a .. ! ‘ERROR, TRY AGAIN’ NOTICE .. at first, which tells the complete story doesn’t it. Reminiscent of the old .. ‘FAILURE NOTICE’.. sent out by the Religious Cowards of the earth when they can no longer stand the heat, the Fire of the Word-Truth of the Christ Jesus .. via Email…..

JTCM-Mission has never been so coward, weak or lacking in love, patience and perseverance (the fruit of the Spirit) that we have had to send out one ‘FAILURE NOTICE’ to any of our critics or enemies, no matter how disgusting or defamatory the correspondence dumped on us, we always stay in the battle in Agape Love to the glory of Messiah and Fight the Good Fight with Truth to the very end.

Did you notice that the sender of the Comment was a KID-GOAT from the USA … (you’re kidding me) ….. CLICK
SLANDER is defined by the Law Courts as relating to .. ‘FALSE’ REPORTS OF A PERSON not the TRUTH.