To Paul Sheehan.....JTCM - Mission
Critique on book - 'Fire and Hammer'
email 3rd February 2012
Bro. Paul ,
On working my way through your Manuscript/Book-“Fire and Hammer” and the dvd’s you sent me, I am blessed to know that you Brother Paul have been ‘baptised in and filled with Holy Ghost as per Pentecost’ (not Pentecostalism) essential but ... obviously missing ... in today's Churches.

I find all your words in this book ‘inspired’ at least based on the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of scripture, God’s Word. And I say this as a servant of God not in my own understanding.

This is why my spirit has witnessed to the truth that's embedded (fixed firm and deep) in your Manuscript/Book ‘Fire and Hammer’ as we all share the same Spirit (in the true church-the holy remnant) and we know what that means.

Still ploughing on, I will get back to you in due course. Street preaching must be a calling at the top of the list ! .........

Every blessing Roger Palmer,
Christian Expression Fellowship, Nottingham/United Kingdom.

"Then there appeared to them divided tongues as of fire and one sat upon each of them"
...ref/Acts 2:3.