To the church leader and their followers in Australia and the world at large.



Wondering of course how you are. Unfortunately have had to curtail my STD calls as I have just had a shock account (for my non-mobile calls) which is far more than expected.

But felt the least I could do is to let you have a copy of last Sunday - a real life-saver! Plus a couple of other complimentary ones I had which I am sure will administer some spiritual first-aid how ever you are.
Yes, am wondering how you are churches.

One thing I wanted to ask you was if you were ever involved in the occult or anything occultish. If so, you might want to discuss this when you can.

One thing I am sure is, if you accept the message brother Paul brings to us, we will be set free. No doubt about it. As you know, it involves no half measures or doing things our way, that is, to suit ourselves - even our religious self.

Oh yes, we all think we are called to something - maybe preaching, teaching, or something else grand. But the real question is: What do we do when (like Naaman the leper) we are called to dip seven times?! — really die to self — really be cleansed, so ‘our flesh becomes like a little child’s’!

What then?

Naaman said, ‘I thought the prophet would do this or that to cure me of my leprosy. But he does nothing except put his hand on my pride and self-will and goes to the core of my problem!’ - which made him very angry, and he went away in a rage, till a humble servant encouraged him to take a telling and listen to the prophet, and front up and do what he was told to do (like Paul at his conversion: ‘What will You have me to do?’).

Then as he did that, stripped of his external armour, revealed his leprosy, washed in Jordan 7 times (‘the washing of water by the Word’ - Ephesians 5:26), he was healed! Amazing? Not really.

God’s recipe never changes!

I know I’m having the chance of a life-time, and I believe you can too, notwithstanding all your phony background.

You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free;’ and it is true that we ‘yield ourselves to the Father of spirits if we are going to live, otherwise we are born-again ‘bastards’! - counterfeit children of God, of which Christendom is full to the brim!

Anyway I’ll give you a quick buzz later in the year churches to see how things have transpired.

  • Digging and dunging in His/Jesus name
    Brother Donald Wilson/Seed Sown Services
    Bribie Island… Qld, Australia.
    St Luke 13:8,9.

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