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The headlines in the Courier Mail on the 04.04.02 were warning the people that fish supplies were deteriorating in our waters ... HOSEA 4:1-3.

And it was on the 31.03.02 at J.T.C.M. Sunday Morning Service that the message was preached about a people who wouldn't .. acknowledge .. God and the result thereof.

The message spoke of a mourning land, a mourning animal life, a people who were slowly wasting away and the fish of the waters also were diminishing.

Australia has always been known as the land of plenty but just as this preacher prophesied back in .. 1995 .. in my book "Blow the Trumpet In The Land" .. page six, I said that the land of plenty will be made the land that's empty and it is surely coming to pass today... ring for a copy.

This preacher has already proclaimed that Australia will suffer for her denial of the Christ Jesus and the worshipping of other gods .. sports, money, power, the nation itself and false religion to mention a few.

Australia is walking head first into great hardship never experienced before in its history. As I have already said in other prophecies and writings .. violence, poverty, hatred, injustice, financial ruin in all sectors, total confusing amongst religious leaders and their congregations and all of this will be because Australia has ignored Jesus the Christ. Australia is full of readers of the bible but there are very few believers. In other words the people don't do what Jesus says to do.. Luke 6:46-49, Psalm 60:3.

Australia has an appearance of Godliness but .. denies the power there of day after day .. this kind, of behaviour can only bring judgement on a nation.

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