FLASHY NEWS/The Love Revolution Curriculum.....$79/USD
Certainly a mixed bag indeed.............The LR Book............by Mrs. Joyce Meyer...USA
  • Four DVD's on how to do the LR
  • The LR ideas booklet
  • The LR mini ideas booklet
  • The CD on how to launch your own LR
  • The CD on how to keep the LR going
  • The music CD to inspire you and get you going on the LR road
  • And of course the LR key ring, your salvation hangs on getting this item
  • And last but certainly not least or inferior to any of the other 'merchandise' the LR fridge magnet, guaranteed to draw the lukewarm and the cold to any building on a Sunday.....'Den of Thieves', Jesus called them to their face.....click.
Couple of things before I go, Mrs. Meyer claims this kind of behaviour impacts the world for Christ and summarises her Merchandise Revolution as promoting a 'Lifestyle of Love'. Is it really any different than the puppy dog Australians/American Lap-Dogs, aiding and abetting Halloween for the sake of more $$$, raunchy Afro-American hip-hop for the sake of more $$$$, sleaze US clothing for preps and teens for the sake of more $$$$, prosperity and flash by credit-card for the sake of more $$$, white-Chris-messes (with obese men and women in red jumpsuits kissing mums in the lounge, sprung by the kids/baby goats late at night prior to the pagan festival, merry-go-round, called Christmas, good role model stuff hey) for the sake of more $$$ and the all time proclamation that 'Jesus is Lord' (in God we trust) for the sake of more $$$, when they know very well 'they' are Lord, in control (truth-resistant) and hell-bound, if they don't turn from such a mindset....... 1 Timothy 6:5....(triple Selah).

Could you for one sober minute in time imagine John the Baptist at the Jordan River with a merchandise-curriculum (for sale) on Love. Maybe St. Paul or Peter or Jesus?.....with the how to do's, a guide for a price. So where does Holy Ghost the spirit of God the Christ fit in here?......It's simple, he doesn't....he has no part with such dealings or peoples full stop....Amen.

As 'U2' say "All in the name of Love"...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Have you had enough yet?...I have, see ya later, Father willing.....Pastor Paul Sheehan/28th October 2009