(for our own good, it is love that force-feeds the baby in the high-chair?)


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The actual door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, where Martin Luther posted his famous 95 Theses.
If you are a parent you would be familiar with feeding babes, children and we all know or should know how that feeding time can become a forced feed time if little Billy or little Mary Lou has other taste buds happening ....(click here).

On searching the holy bible I have come to see time and time again how Almighty God/Yahweh had to force feed people at times in order for them to grow out of their, rebellious, selfish, carnal, aimless and childish ways...Hebrews 12:11, Revelation 2:16.

JTCM has had to force feed many a professing christian over the years so that they might get opportunity to taste some of the real manner from heaven instead of the (usual) pentecostal, evangelical, denomonational fast food - quick fix, most churches offer up today for not a small $$$ fee......(click here).
  • Some have thought me a fool, pushy, arrogant, too demanding, narrow minded even evil to mention but a few criticisms................2 Corinthians 6:1-10.
However, JTCM has seen astounding results over the years by being patient and persevering with the rebellious, the wayward of heart and the proud.......James 5:11, Matthew 11:12.

One of the biggest, long-lasting examples of force feeding that the holy bible has recorded in it would have to be the all time great and hard journey of the people of the wilderness, the rebellion, the day of trial as it was called for they loved to go astray. And what about the hard hearted Pharaoh who had plague after plague by the hand of God/Yahweh?

Father just kept on taking them around the same old, same old and many died of snake bite and complained to no end about not having the things of Egypt/the world, lusted after the old when God Almighty wanted them to be.....the new creation, they could have been if they would have forsook Egypt/the world.......Acts 3:23.
  • Is your denomination, church, ministry a wilderness congregation that just won't accept the truth, the living oracles of Yahweh?.......Hebrews 3:7-15

    Father will keep the pressure on till either we self destruct or turn and live. Remember that the reproach...upbraiding, scolding, blame, rebuke that comes with following the Christ is greater treasures, riches than all that's in Egypt/The World.......Ezekiel 33:11, Acts 3:23.
Feed my sheep!
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Matthew 23:37-39
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P.S. You will worship no other God! - Exodus 20:3. (No maybe about it!).