X Assemblies of God Church goer, Brother Moses Garcia .. testifies of the leaps and bounds he has come in the Lord in the past month at JTCM-Mission...............
In my last testimony I spoke of the lack of ‘Conviction’ in the Churches I attended .. around 15 in total in the past two decades yet none had ‘Holy Ghost Conviction’ operating in them .. Not One…. therefore it was easy for me to live in Sin and think I was heaven bound. I was self-deceived in a Religious House of Deception … ref/John 16: 8 .. Click

I have witnessed time and time again over the years ‘Bible College Trained Pastors’ who preach the (supposed) Word of God and there is not enough Power in their message to move a feather. And most of the time their message doesn’t even line up with Holy Bible Scripture.

I have honestly learnt more (gained more knowledge of Father and Messiah) at JTCM-Mission from Pastor Paul Sheehan in the past month than I have learnt in all the churches that I have been in all my life. More Messianic Knowledge means more ‘Power/Grace and Peace’ according to scripture .. this is what Iam experiencing now at JTCM-Mission .. ref/2 Peter 1:2.

I now witness the power of the Spirit of God in my life. When I go to the streets with Pastor Sheehan to Preach the Gospel .. we always see Holy Ghost move in an incredible way.. every time. This has never happened with me when I was with the Denominational Churches. It was all just dead religion and a lifeless exercise.

By the Grace of God I have struck the gold called Infallible-Truth-Messianic Truth.
Brother Moses Garcia
JTCM-Mission .. 9.9.2012.
Revelation 3:18