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Gifted from Above-Ephesians 4:1-11
(or learning how to be for not a small fee $$$)
We may be able to choose our profession, job, or vocation in the world, the secular realm but this is not possible in the.......true church, the body of Christ.

We are not able to find anywhere in the holy bible where it is written that men and women dictated to God or told God what they were going to do or what ministry they preferred or what rank and authority they were going to have in the Christs Army...................where is it?..............Acts 9:6.

For instance, King David, Jeremiah, Amos, St Paul, St Peter, St Matthew, St Luke, St John, John the Baptist the burning and shining lamp and the list could go on till the twelfth of never. None of these chose their call, office or ministry neither did any one of them pray or fast to be what they were...................hello?

This set up is a long way away from the principles and process of the worlds great and famous churches with their systems, mentors and costly colleges where gulls are told they may become someone that God Almighty never called, appointed or anointed them to be.

The Call of barely even heard of today for most of the time it's the race of the vain power peoples that decides whether someone is capable, eligible or acceptable, denominational extraction plays her part also.

The Call of God...
.is barely even heard of when it comes to salvation, most just simply backslide when it suits them, come to the saviour when it suits them and do what Jesus says when it suits them. Yet the holy bible tells us that no one, not one man or woman can be saved unless Father first calls. So what are the churches of today filled with if the foundation is full of holes, I say.............froth, bubble, clanging cymbals and great swelling words of emptiness. Talk of a promised land that we shall never see in this life, casting out demons that can not possibly live where the light of the Christ is, seed time and harvest journals when Jesus clearly told us let not your right hand know what your left hand gives and hundreds more  deliberate lies and deceptions................(click here).

However, I do read that a man, not a woman but a man, can desire the work of a bishop. This one is no novice but already mature and in ministry hence called. By no means a novice says Paul to Timothy.........1 Timothy 3:6.

So what am I saying here?....I am saying men and women can go to the greatest bible college on the earth, pay all the money in the world to some charlatan, pray and dream all they want but never can they be what God has not called them to be.

Unless you have been given it from above your just mimicking and it will be evident by your mixed bag of teachings, just another of the 10,000 instructors.  
Pastor Paul Sheehan
John 3:27, 1 Corinthians 12:28, 1 Corinthians 4:14, 15.