Give Thanks!

Brother Boyet and his wife sister Roselyn were on shaky ground till the day they were born-again, received the Christ Jesus as their lord, were water baptized, fully submerged in water and spirit filled with joy unspeakable. These two precious souls grew up in a religious household but never had a real, close, intimate relationship with the Christ, which is what the new birth/born-again experience offers all repentant ones......John 3:3-8.

It's a simple story but a powerfilled one. Pastor Paul Sheehan of Jesus the Christ Ministries, Australia, arrived in the Philippines/Bacolod City in December 2009 introduced this lovely couple to the Christ Jesus, preached the message of the Christ and many were saved, baptized, healed, delivered from oppression and blessed. Brother Boyet's marriage was restored, his wife was healed from heart trouble, she is now able to sleep like a baby and no longer needs medication. Signs, wonders and miracles are following the ministry work of JTCM and it's only just begun. Brother Boyet has a wonderful anointing on his life in music, guitar, singing and arrangement while his wife is a wonderful cook and supporter, she sure has a testimony now also. They have two children Tin-Tin and Lemuel. Brother Boyet has a real pastor's heart........Jeremiah 3:15.

Pastor Sheehan while in the Philippines was invited to minister at one of the jails and oppressed souls were set free and inmates saved through the preaching of Messiah. The Christ was the theme throughout the entire crusade with baptisms performed down at the sea. Pastor Sheehan has been asked to make his prison messages a weekly event at the prison and has planted a church in Bacolod City, where Yahweh-Almighty God has provided a building, base for the ministry/church complete with residential, church-hall, garage and office. Yes he/Jesus put the lot in his lap.....Proverbs 16:23, Psalm 16:1-11....Selah.

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus just to take him at his word, just to rest upon his promise, just to know thus says the lord. 
▪ December 2009


Give thanks with a grateful heart

Give thanks to the holy one

Give thanks, for he has given, Jesus Christ his son

And now, let the weak say I am strong

Let the poor say I am rich

Because of what the lord has done for us