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My grandmother came from Bathurst, N.S.W. - was probably born and bred there. In due course she married my grandfather, and both moved to NZ where my father was born.

One of the most memorable days in both my grandmother and father's life was when my dad visited his mother on her last day on this earth.

It was an awesome never-to-be-forgotten occasion.

At that stage she was confined to bed, though her mind was very clear and alert.

On his arrival this day it was very evident she was especially happy and excited, and had some very special news to tell my dad. He asked her what it was? Having appropriately prepared him she went on to explain what was for her one of the most wonderful (if not the most wonderful) experience of her life which she had just had.

With full conviction that it was true, she said, "Last night I had a visit from the Lord! He said, 'I am coming to take you tomorrow night!'" She went on to say, "I am so excited to go!"

And so it was.
That very night, the Lord took her home!

That touches my heart. It tells me, God is in business, and true to His word He has a place prepared for those who are themselves prepared for Him.

The best news of course is that we all can be prepared if we will.


In my case I was prepared only a few short years ago!

    The initial secret of my preparation in one short word was.....HONESTY! - honesty to face up to who I really was, or rather wasn't, that is before God!

    It was my Judgment Day...........and it was a shock!

    All my life I had thought I was ok, in fact 'a practising / committed Christian'........if you please! (as though a Christian could be otherwise!)

    But when God turned on the light.....that was it! I saw myself as I really was as before Him. My acceptance of God's verdict was my first step towards Him.

    Formally I had seen myself as I wanted to see myself, and maybe in comparison with others, or how they saw me, but now I faced the truth. A spade had to be called a spade.

    I was as big a sinner as anybody else outside of the new life in Christ, (sin being, failure to truly love and obey God, going my own way, doing my own thing).

    I was now ready for the next step into God's presence......TRUE REPENTANCE..........from all I was and wasn't - at best 'a new patch (regularly) on an old garment'.....forever turning over a new leaf in the old book....pulling myself up by my own boot-laces....till they snapped and again I was on my evangelical fool's paradise........supposedly claiming God's grace!
  • Know that merry-go-round?
    But now, (as for us all), true repentance (not repetitive repentance) broke the cycle. It was a complete sell-out (not cop-out) of the old me .......good riddance to bad rubbish, in preparation for a complete take-over by the Master!............ King of kings and Lord of lords! What an experience......of the heart!

    This step closed the deal.......................
    the deal called 'salvation'.
  • I said 'yes' to Jesus.
    I accepted Him.......
    His blood brought forgiveness,
    not as I had often hypocritically done before as a regular white-wash,
    but now as a clean new sheet,
    a new life,
    made available to me on my simple
    ...............HIS HOLINESS AS MINE!
  • That settled my case!
    I had crossed the line
    - from being governed by my own mind and nature, the world and circumstances,
    - to now being lead by the Spirit and mind of Christ according to God's Word (as and when it is revealed).

    I was no 'sinner-saint', 'carnal-Christian',(up to what I knew), nor a believer in any such corrupting religious ideas, including, 'No one fully obeys God!'

    I had discovered 'THE STRAIGHT & NARROW', though Jesus said, 'few there be who find it........but which alone leads to Life Eternal.'

    I had left 'THE BROADROAD which leads to eternal destruction.....and many there be who go therein' - Jesus said.

    Yes, I had discovered the true faith of my grandmother, and too was now 'Heaven Bound'!

    'THE NARROW ROAD.........few there be............!
    No wonder it has been said:

"There's room at the Cross for you!"
......and it is true!



  • Brother Donald Wilson......17.03.2004

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