Greetings brother Paul, sister Juvy and those of the true flock in Brisbane City......

I am content and we continue to learn to be content. Lately I have pondered that peoples, certain peoples were not of us, for if they were, they would have continued with us but they went out that they might be made manifest, that they were never really part of us, I am referring to ...1 John 2:19...Selah.

The 'Ancient of Days' knows those who are his and even those who 'were' his. He knows the hearts of all, including all in the JTCM fellowship, whether they are there now or have left.

As for those who recently left, they are not suited to being in JTCM, if they are not able to bear all of the Christ's Words....Ref/Amos the prophet...Amos 7:10-17.

If someone has a problem with a minister who gives truth including speaking out against deceivers, then that person and any other insubordinate people are not suited to being in your fellowship, this is clear.....Ref/John 6:60-71.

Let us travel the narrow road patiently and always remember to consider lord Jesus and to have a careful think about what he continues to tell us. Considering the words of Isaiah.....that Yahweh will keep a persons mind in perfect -peace if they set their mind on him, for this is proof that they trust him and also that he/Yahweh is preeminent.

I am with you in Spirit

Brother Thomas Loftus/China
31st August 2009