Jeremiah 32:27

"He Whom You Love Is (Was) Sick"
John 11:3

Yes, Yahweh is exceedingly merciful and extremely generous and I love him more than anyone or anything because he first loved me.

It was March 4 2008, 2am when a pain struck my heart like a fully loaded freight train and lodged. It was strong enough to wake me from a deep sleep and the first thing that came to mind poisoning. Only the day before I bought a chicken-kebab take-away while on the move.

It was only a couple of months prior that I bought a lamb kebab from the same (Arab) shop and landed myself in bed crippled with food poisoning for 3 days. I gather it is not always wise to give all people the benefit of the doubt.

After about 2 hours my wife became worried and suggested ringing an ambulance but I was not yet fully convinced that it was anything more than food poisoning. Hence I endeavoured to weather the condition thinking that I may as the last time flush out the poison with plenty of water and rest (the ambulance have enough to do already).

Pains in both my stomach and chest were now well and truly overtaking me in the 3rd hour so that  I was buckled up on the bed in agony. I got so bad I moved to the dining room floor onto the cool tiles to roll around searching for relief, while calling on the Christ.

Around 8.30am I was starting to gasp for breath, the pain was acute, my wife and I decided to call the police to get the number of a taxi, they were not interested. We ruled out the ambulance for I assumed that we may end up in a waiting room for a long time. We then tried to find a taxi number and after much searching found one only to find they were also busy.

By this time I was behaving like a man who was totally and fully drunk and drugged. We knew time was fleeting so I had a shower with bent knees, pain and trembling running through my entire body like electricity through a power line.

After showering, dressing and cleaning I had no choice but to go back to the tiled floor to think for a little, it was then a voice said to me "get up and walk out the door", I had no where else I could go, so I did. This I believed was my last and only hope left.

So I dragged myself up off the tiles with a strength that was not mine and headed to the door then opening the screen door I walked toward our driveway like a man that was drugged and paralytic drunk, like a man who had lost his mind, (as the man who picked me up said).

That very moment a car was passing by and I used all the strength I had to lift my arm to flag this driver he stopped with the screech of brakes. He reversed up our driveway and said "you're in a bad way mate". I told him I needed help, I needed a taxi to get to my family doctor so he took me to the taxi rank.

As I left his car I staggered into the barber shop next to the rank and lay down on the bench till the taxi came, the barber was bewildered. The taxi arrived and the people who exited the car were looking at me with a shocked look while the driver didn't know what to think, maybe he thought I was another drunk/drug addict who had lost the thread. This driver was not the one we ordered but simply a driver dropping off some people.

The driver was a burly islander, a gentle giant type and when he found out I had food poisoning he started to worry (it can kill) for each and every mile. For every mile I got worse and my wife cried more and each time he looked in the rear view and saw that I was about to go to sleep (I was exhausted) he cried "God will help us man" "God will help us man"!!!!!!don't give out man!!!!!!!!!!

On reaching our family doctor I staggered into the surgery and nearly immediately was rushed to the patients room where the nurses filled me with morphine shots, the pain dropped but out of nowhere I was almost out of breath even with an oxygen mask on. It wasn't long before para-medics arrived on the scene with more morphine and a nitro lingual spray.

I was finally brought to a steady beat then we traveled by ambulance to the Royal Brisbane Hospital where a team of professionals cared for me and closely monitored me in the Cardiac Division.

It was the 5.3.2008 when the 'Cardiac Specialists' took a close detailed look at my heart via a camera which was feed through my groin. And the results were heart was pumping well, my lungs were fine, I had no diabetes, my blood pressure was good and I had good cholesterol. The main and major problem was, one of my arteries was completely destroyed.

Destroyed to the place where my chances of getting an intracoronary 'stent' put in the artery was limited, I didn't want a 'stent' anyway.

My prayer prior to being cut was, "Father I don't want a stent and I don't want pills for the rest of my life but I still leave it all to your miracle hands, what do you want"?
This testimony-message is not about positive thinking or positive living, it is all about taking God given faith in the infallible 'Faith/Doctrine of the infallible creator Jesus the Christ, Yahweh.....Ephesians 2:8, John 11:25,26.
The outcome was and what I settled for were 'Cartia ' tablets, which are a special aspirin that prevents the arteries from clogging. I will also be combining them with a lean diet and ongoing regular exercise, the first couple of months  being closely monitored by professionals.

The attack itself amounted to 'food-poisoning' with a heart attack lasting for 8 hours from the hours of 2AM - 10AM, 4.3.2008.

The Cardiac Specialists were in wonder that a man could stand such pain for 8 hours and still live. In my 3 day stay at the hospital Jesus provided me with ample opportunities to witness the 'saving hand' of Yahweh in many ways. Jesus is 'the life'.

As I said to one of the male nurses....Daniel, "if I had to go through this just to give you this tract and tell you about Jesus it was all worth it".

Jesus is the God of all flesh even 'heart flesh' and if God wills I will live tomorrow.....Jeremiah 32:27, James 4:14, 15.

Here are a couple of extras about the event.....
* My sister Pat who lives in another city was spring cleaning the day I had my attack and she placed two of my books on her table....'Birds and Fish', the other was 'Eternally Secure' which was on top.

* My sister Lyn who also lives in another city when she heard about the news came to visit and she brought with her two books....'Birds and Fish' and the other was 'Eternally Secure'........for reuse.

* The Newsletter from the previous Sunday was 'And when I die and when I'm gone' dated 2.3.2008.
Once again as usual I pay full and complete Homage to my God - Jesus the Christ, the resurrection and the life, every moment of everyday. My life does not depend on my heart/flesh, rather it is he/Jesus who holds the keys of life and

● If God wills I 'will' live tomorrow!
Pastor Paul Sheehan

P.S. I want to give thanks with a grateful heart to the stranger who gave me a lift to the taxi rank, the barber who let me lay down on the seat, the taxi driver who cared for me so much, my family doctor for her love, the paramedics for their speed, the ambulance for their comfort, the Royal Brisbane Hospital Cardiac Section....all the specialist doctors, sisters and nurses, the Canteen lady and the bloke in bed next to me for giving me some important info about my car battery.

I also want to thank my family, wife and church members who came and sat by my bed, sorted my daily duties and showed me a truck load of real love. But most of all I want to give all the glory to Jesus. I love you Jesus......John
Without him I can do nothing
Without him I'd surely fail
Without him life's not worth
I'm like a ship without a sail.

O Jesus, O Jesus,
Do you know him today
Please don't turn him away

Jesus, O Jesus
Without Him how lost I would be.

On consideration of the entire event as it unfolded it is wise to understand that if I had rung the ambulance and had gone directly to hospital there was a good chance they would have inserted a 'stent' especially when they had the backing (consent) of a loving, grieving, worried wife close by who had zero knowledge of the repercussions and upkeep of such an aid.

However, as I said clearly to the cardiac specialists/surgeons...."my decision is no reflection of their professionalism or proficiency. My decision is a reflection of me and my faith. No stent or pills please.
"once again I have seen the glory of my God - Jesus the Christ".