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Yes, we are Hell-Bent on War...........WITH GOD
Altogether, or in many ways.......
Our moral (immoral) standards are at war with God:
Our legislators are at war with God:
Our social standards are at war with God:
Our education programmes are at war with God:
Our ministers, priests, and pastors are at war with God:
Our modern philosophies are at war with God:

We legalise abortion, sexual perversion-prostitution,
homosexuality, soft ( to hard ) pornography, and unmarried
relationships, as "free choice" and "human rights"!
(Yes we do have the right to go to hell! But not to
aid and abet it.)

The atheistic evolutionary myth is compulsorily taught
in our schools as sacred fact and sanity!


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Our TV programmes are saturated with perversion, immorality, violence, lust, greed and atheism!

"Feminism" has never been less feminine!

The man-of-the-house has never been less qualified to take his place there and in society!

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The sanctity of marriage, and the family unit, has been methodically disintergrated.
Our women have never been less dressed!

"Human rights" have displaced God's rights! Multi-culture "spirituality" has been seen to be equal to "christianity"!

Liberty is " a free for all"!

Our churches are no longer the conscience of the nation! "Judge not" ( never spoken by Christ in isolation ) is used to permit, preserve and promote sin!

Yet at the same time we judge our neighbours ( especially some Arabs ), but disregard "the beam in our own eyes"-contrary to Christ's real command!

Corrupt doctrines rob "the believers" of victorious faith! (e.g. "No one is perfect"- in obedience to God, up to the light one has).

We persist in ecumenism with, or belonging to, churches who no longer teach salvation from sin and hell fire, through Christ- on repentance and faith-which invariably produces the works of obedience to God!

Our ministers quote the Bible, but do not accept it as God's infallible Word: or twist it to suit the flavour of the day or would-be women preachers!

Peace with man is put before ( and without ) peace with God! And good works to our neighbour is put before obedience to God!

We may try and be good - without repentance and surrender to Christ, Who then indwells by His Spirit and manifests His goodness!

Tolerance with devils is pursued in the name of unity with people.

Yet we fight like devils when the chips are down and our interests are at stake! And affluence is the name of the game while the rest of the world starves ( notwithstanding "the crumbs which fall from the rich man's table" )!

The rule of force replaces "ruling in the fear of God" and true faith in God, though professing, "In God we trust"!

God says...........WAR!.............a last world war!..........and every other "act of God", ( please hold your comment till you read Luke 13: 1-9 ), to the destruction especially of those who profess the most and possess the least, and should know better!

AND THE REMEDY..............REPENTANCE.........not war!
........and so peace with God - the author of all peace!

PERSONALLY, the question is:
As a religious or irreligious person, have you made your peace with God, through Jesus Christ his Son, in deed and truth according to the terms of His Word?
Or are you ( maybe unknowingly to this moment )
at war with your Maker?

The Bible says: " Without holiness no man shall see the Lord!
irrespective of what the churches may say!

Remember: No war is holy.........except "war" against sin!
And no sin so great as war against God!
especially as a professed "christian"!
If you think these words are harsh, you would have to be right!
-harsh on evil......that a friend may be FREE!


(Holy Scripture References:
Judges 5:8, Amos 3:6, Isaiah 57:21,
Romans 12:19-21, Matthew 5:38-39.)



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20 March 2003

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