(on being a [God pleasing] minister of the Christ)
August 2007

1...... Never plagiarise another man's message, for in doing so you not only show yourself to be dishonest but you also reveal to those who are wise that you are not in touch with God Almighty. Besides you will eventually get caught out and that could be shame filled maybe even damnable in the end ...........Jeremiah 23:30.
(this little hint will be of no use to unbelievers)

● Enoch had this testimony while on the earth, he pleased Yah.        Ref/Hebrews 11:5.
2...... Never sell the word of God for monies, put price tags or bar codes on ministry products, this is lack of love, lack of faith in Jesus and chiefly against the doctrine of the Christ.......Revelation 22:17, 2 Corinthians 2:17.
There is not one scripture in the holy bible that tells of true men of God selling the word, message, scripture of God for monies. This was a practice of false prophets only.

● Wicked leaders and prophets/watchmen..........Ref/Micah 3:11.
3...... Never attempt to justify the wicked or join with those who condemn those who are in right standing with God for Jesus will see you as an abomination. Do not associate with them at all...........Proverbs 17:15, 2 Corinthians 6:11-18.

● Unity without truth as the foundation is cowardice and worse than this, it is damnable.....Ref/Revelation 21:8.
I held back nothing that would be helpful to you but I proclaimed it to you and I taught you publicly also, even from house to house. And I testified..."repentance toward Father and faith toward/in our lord Jesus the Christ"........
                                                      Acts 20:20, 21.
4...... Always write and teach the word of God without looking at the person but concentrating on the issue at hand, aiming at shining the light of Christ on the darkened heart as the paraclete leads....Ref/Ephesians 5:8-14.

● To say a minister has 'nothing to prove' is to contradict the word of God/Yahweh and to fall short of the call and many are they who have....Ref/2 Timothy 2:1-5.
5...... Translating scripture (Hermeneutics) is best left to Holy Ghost the paraclete, let him quicken you and lead, guide you, for he is endorsed of Yah fully, not by a partial denomination, religion of men and women with ungodly agendas.....Ref/John 15:5-15, Romans 8:14.

● Jesus never said I go home to Father and I send a Hebrew, Greek, Jew, Arab, Aussie, American, African or Historian. No, dear reader, he said I will send you a ghost, holy ghost/spirit. My Father is Ancient of Days, my brother is Rock of Ages and my teacher/translator is a ghost/holy ghost/spirit.....Ref/Holy Bible.
6...... Many have gathered knowledge and wisdom, wrote many books and pleased many peoples but few are they who have the knowledge and the wisdom of God/Jesus the Christ and even fewer who 'Acknowledge' messiah. This is where the eternally-detrimental problem is....Ref/Hosea 4:6.

● My/Jesus mothers, brothers, sisters and ministers are those who hear Father's Words and do them. Jesus got all his words from Father and did them. To do them is to 'Acknowledge' them and the giver of them. Many will claim Jesus as their lord on 'that day' but he will say to them I was never allowed to be your lord but I am lord....Ref/Luke 8:21, Matthew 7:21-23.
7...... When Ezekiel spoke it sounded like a very lovely song of one who had a pleasant voice and played a musical instrument well. This was because of the anointing on him. Ezekiel didn't need music in the background as he spoke, bells and instrumental music were not part of this prophets message, he was anointed of Yah....Ref/Ezekiel 33:32.

● The anointed man of God is music to the ears to listen to, just simply beautiful (truth is beautiful) but still they did not do as he said and it is no different today. Peoples actually prefer synthesizer prophets who kindle their own fire through soulic power.....Ref/Isaiah 50:11.
8...... There is none as blind, poor and materialistic as those men and women whose father is a human and their eyes are their guide, their honour is from men and women and their end is eternal torment ...........Ref/Revelation 3:14-22.

● Men and women/humans/creatures, are always excited about what they may have seen with their eyes and understand with their minds but when it comes to 'faith in Mashiah' few contend according to the scriptures, this makes Yahweh Wrath....Ref/Matthew 12:38-42, Luke 2:34.
9...... That we may present every man and woman 'perfect' in the Christ Jesus. These were the words of St. Paul of Tarsus. Many think and are wrongly taught that 'perfect' means 'mature' but it doesn't, it means 'in right standing with God'........Ref/Colossians 1:28.

● The word 'perfect' could not possibly mean 'mature' for the simple reason not every man, woman or youth will be mature 'in the Faith' when Mashiah comes because everyone is at a different stage. But all can be presented clean, in right standing, without known sin up to the light they have in the Faith, this is perfect in God's Eyes.....Selah.
10...... If tithing is for the NT saints and the tithe is to be given to the ministry/minister that feeds you spiritual food/knowledge and understanding, many, many peoples owe JTCM Australia a lot of monies. We have fed peoples worldwide for the past 20 years.

● However, JTCM firmly believes that Father provides, tithing is an OT Jewish requirement, faith in Jesus makes way for provision and holy ghost the paraclete is able to move the loving-heart to help and hard-hearted-peoples can not be used to support God Ordained Ministers. All word-marketing-schemes within church perimeters bare but a clear demonstration of faithlessness....Ref/1 Thessalonians 5:24, Acts 20:35, Colossians 2:8-10, Revelation 22:17, Hebrews 11:6.
11...... Preach always and if necessary rebuke sharply but always use words, Mashiah's Words, his doctrine only.

● Faith comes by hearing words the words of Jesus the Christ we are saved by grace through faith in the faith, doctrine of the Christ, good deeds can never save your soul from eternal hell fire.....Ref/Mark 16:15, Romans 10:17, Ephesians 2:8, Hebrews 5:9, 1 Timothy 4:16, Titus 1: 13, 14.
12...... Would you prefer to sail through the Caribbean waters on a yacht with your friends or paddle through a river of diarrhea to save an enemy from the eternal living fire of hell??....Ref/Ecclesiastes 9:14, 15.

● Agape love casts ones-self on the rock, stone, Jesus the Christ which results in passion and zeal for Mashiah that culminates in and ends in Yahweh, to the place where the Christ Jesus is their refuge. Be wise, lay your life down today lest he/Jesus the pearl of great price grinds you to powder. To call human beings 'the pearl of great price' is a lying tongue, a false teacher and a direct insult to Jesus preeminence.....Ref/John 2:17, Luke 20:17, 18, Ecclesiastes 11:1, Luke 14:33, Matthew 10:34-39, Colossians 1:18, Matthew 19:28-30.....Selah.
13...... It is a belief in today's world and even churches that peoples are able to 'find themselves' and find out who they really are in this life by dabbling in history, genealogies, wives' tales and cultural ancestry records. What a load of cod!

Dear reader, you and I and all are told by Jesus what we are if we are of only one birth, born of a woman and that is .....'a sinner'.

No matter how glossy the ancestry records, no matter how many accomplishments of your in-laws and outlaws, no matter how much monies your family tree has bore over history, all are born sinners when born of a woman including Mary the village girl mother of the man Jesus......Ref/Job 25: 4-6, Job 14: 1.

Multitudes are seeking for 'themselves' that they may finally fit in with a sinful society, community and world while few be they that seek Yahweh that they may know Him and the outworking of his crucifixion. These are the only ones who ever come to the true knowledge of 'who they are' in this life and who they are going to be in the next life, the eternal life, 'the holy remnant'.

● Don't steal from yourself, don't rob yourself or fool yourself, without him/Jesus we are nothing, know not the true value of anything and can do nothing that pleases him/God Almighty. Ref/Proverbs 15:24.


At the cross I found forgiveness
At the cross I found a friend
At the cross I found Lord Jesus
●At the cross I found myself.

I laid them down that day at Calvary
All my  sins he gladly beared
Now I'm free, I'm free to worship
Now I'm free to go ' His' Way

O, such joy is to be found there
For the pain he gladly beared
All the things I could not carry
He gladly took them upon himself

● Paul Sheehan/1989
1 Corinthians 1: 17-31

14...... You don't become a christian by knowledge. You are saved by grace through faith. Not by grace alone least we render the doctrine of St. Paul and the Christ void. But by grace through faith in the faith/doctrine of Mashiah.......

We are saved to the uttermost by and only by acknowledging the knowledge/doctrine of the Christ. Without adhering to the teaching of Jesus we are guaranteed to perish or go back to the world and eventually be lost forever.....

To teach salvation by grace 'alone' is to aid and abet the devilish teachings of purgatory, absolute predestination, universal salvation, once saved can never be lost-name in the lambs book of life forever and every other evil persuasion from the devils of darkness.

 ● Grace and faith are given that we may walk in 'the faith/light' of the Christ. Without faith in his sayings we not only can't please him but we can not be saved from eternal-hell-fire. We have no right to call Jesus lord if we do not what his doctrine says........selah.

Ref/ Ephesians 2:8-9, 1 Peter 1:5, Luke 6:46, Romans 11:22, Hebrews 5:9, John 15:2, Hebrews 2:3, 3: 12-15, Revelation 3:1.  
15...... When you see and are 'assured' that certain ministers and ministries are plagiarists (deceitfully take the words of other preachers and use them as their own) consider yourself blessed of Yahweh.....Jeremiah 23:30......... ..John 16:13.

For God is showing you the 'true' character of these women and men that you may then expose these ones to honest, humble, true peoples that they may be free from the falsity and trickery of such pretenders, 'bearers of bad fruit'........Matthew 7:15-20, Ephesians 5:8-14.

● Once you are aware of such peoples you are not only free from their unGodly ways but you are not obligated (by Mashiah) to subject yourself to such villains. No matter how flowery and soft their intros and outros in 'their' pulpits they are proud, dishonest and liars, they are people who deceive many....selah.
16...... Holiness is.......Honesty, truth and Humility with Jesus as Preeminent. Unless Jesus is at the helm, number one, God, all is in vain. Unless Mashiah is preeminent we are not able to know, experience and walk in what the Christ calls honesty, truth and humility....

● Men and women's views and understanding (on HTH) is by no means the Christ's for it entertains self preservation and ignores the heavenly outworking of the crucified Christ.....John 15:5, Colossians 1:17, 18, Revelation 21:8, John 14:23, 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20, 1 Corinthians 2:2, Philippians 1:20, 21......selah
17...... 'Rejoice in the lord Jesus always' was a word from St. Paul by Holy Ghost. Many have rejoiced over their accomplishment or accumulation of goods whatever they may be but all for but a moment in time, never to be compared with the strength and unspeakable joy that accompanies relishing in the Christ for he is simply the Christ......God.

As St. Paul said to the 'double-minded' christians at Galatia........"your observation of certain days, months 'seasons' and the year of this, that and the other are no doubt a reflection of your heart relationship with Mashiah and I am beginning to believe that I have labored for you in vain".....Galatians 4:10, 11, 20.

● For any man or woman to call themselves christian (even Reverend) and then go about and act, operate outside of the boundaries of the law of the spirit/holy ghost, adhering to the traditions of mere unGodly men and women is faithless, careless, disrespectful to Jesus and his true apostles and it is the true heart of religious hypocriscy.....ref/Santy/Alias Nick, Chris - mess 'Season' and the self -centred teaching of people giving each other presents on someone else's birthday, Ref/1 Corinthians 4:6....selah.

The joy of knowing Jesus the Christ is far exceedingly greater than any 'season', month or year of the camel or year of this or that. Let us all in 2008 give to Jesus the present/gift that he has always wanted from all men and women every single day of the year.....Ourselves by the power of holy ghost aligned with the truth of his doctrine and none other......Ref/John 4:23, 24, Matthew 15:8, 9.
18...... With all the American Blabb about money in the churches today we find that this spirit of greed, self, fame, fortune and self-interest is rapidly spilling over into churches worldwide and the stench is foul all because it is the teaching of the 'fowler himself Satan'....ref/Psalm 91:3, 4.

Only 'the truth the doctrine of the Christ' can single-handedly expose these coyotes in costly clothes of wool. So listen carefully to what is about to be revealed to you by the power of the paraclete, once again it's very helpful.....

The earth and it's fullness belongs to Jesus the Christ and the established canon of scripture tells us all 'who believe/do what he says' that his/Jesus followers are joint heirs, heirs of his Kingdom above. For so called christians to promote, aim for and long for earthly material gain is all of these....ignorance of doctrine, faithless, carnal, and an illusive merry-go-round always leading to a stronger hunger for the world's possessions.

Jesus being God and omniscient knows too well that humans no longer want what they have once they get it hence he has told his peoples before hand all what you see is 'already yours'. So now my dear saints walk on and into 'abundant life/the supernatural life' and leave that feeble, flakey, illusive everyday-material-life behind you once and for all. This can not be done without bonafide, like precious faith, biblical faith.....Shalom!...Ref/Psalm 24:1, Romans 8:17, 2 Peter 1:1.....also click onto Newsletters/225, 293, 401...selah.
19...... No greater evil is there than for a man or a woman to lie about, twist or sell the words of the Christ. And there is no greater lie been told than that which says, there are still 'priests' needed and officially ordained by the Christ after his death, burial and resurrection......Revelation 21:8

● Jesus the head of the Church gave some men to be apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists.......Ephesians 4:11 (no priests or priestesses mentioned).
20...... Ever since I believed/did the words of My God/Jesus, I have come to see nothing and no-one more beautiful than Messiah/Jesus the Christ. All the wonders of the earth's sphere and the brilliance of its treasures is all but mud in comparison to Messiah. All humans are surely second place to Him in my heart.....Psalm 16:5 selah.

● The world and its lusts are passing away but those who do the Christ's doctrine will surely live forever in heaven....1 John 2:17.
21...... I often dreamed about knowing Jesus (in a day dream manner) Jesus heard me and gave me sight, now I have free access to insight into his oracles now I am qualified to teach, preach and write in his Jesus the Christ's name.....Jeremiah 9:24.
● Yahweh has set apart for himself those who are godly, Yahweh hears when they call out to him......Psalm 4:3.
Faith, hope and love abide, live and are staring us all in the face but these places, realms, spheres are of no benefit to us until we abide in them. And when we decide to abide, live, in these spheres we will then have no need to buy books that talk about such places, spheres. All because we ourselves will be there and reaping the beauty, peace, joy, power, strength and security of these wonderful places made available by the grace of almighty God-Yahweh. Thank you Jesus.......Ref: 1 Corinthians 13:13.

One thing must not be forgotten and it is that the faith, hope and love must be and can only ever be in the only wise God - Almighty God - Yahweh - Jesus the Christ. Otherwise it will be in vain, it will not be lasting, able to sustain you or save your soul from hell....Ref: John 15:4,5.

The joy will not be unspeakable, the peace will not pass by (overtake) the understanding of the mind, the power will be limited, the strength will be finite, the beauty will be full of flaws and the security will be insufficient to uphold you in troubled times. You will end up taking on the basic principles of the world in order to uphold your church, ministry, calling.

Faith, hope and love abide/live, right now but it is our decision to trust in, hope in and obey/love Jesus the Christ and when we do we will always reap of the action of abiding in that which already abides, lives...Ref: Romans 5:1-5.

 ● When we abide in faith, hope and love we will never want to or need to buy a singular, solitary book about faith, hope or love ever again all because you will know these three personally and be reaping of these three and be walking in these three. And when you talk with people who have read books about these three but know not these three personally you will know straight away. They will say they are faith people but have price tags on all things, they will say they hope in God while still arming themselves with bodyguards and guard dogs. They will say they love Jesus while living contrary to his (holy teachings) doctrine.......Ref: Micah 3:11. 2 Corinthians 2:17, selah.

Church people who know and have faith, hope and love do not peddle-sell, go about the world selling God's Word, neither are they afraid to expose those who say Godliness is a means of gain/profit....1 Timothy 6:5.
23...... "Every man and woman in the world and every single circumstance that I am involved in no matter what the flavour or colour, no matter if it be cardinal or venial....all things seen and unseen are working for me (are my unpaid employees) hired by Father whether they be good or evil, they will work for me and my good, all because I love Jesus the Christ".

(to love God is to do what he says...............John 14:23, Luke 6:46)
Bible Ref.......Romans 8:28, 2 Corinthians 12:7.