HOLINESS......is it optional to Salvation?

although many would have you believe so, it is not so, because Messiah's Oracles say so,, without reservation or partiality.
We are told clearly by the scriptures that without....holiness...we will not see God, he will not be before us neither will we ever be before him in his immediate presence. I believe that goes for the now and literally in the immortal realm to come...So where will we be?...ref/Mark 9:42-50.

You need not be a Rhodes Scholar to work that one out...hell fire eternal....ref/Acts 3:23 Selah.

Many just don't see (get it) the 'Plan of God', for their life and everyone else at large generally and ultimately. All because they don't walk in the 'light' of his word/doctrine consistently. Therefore they forfeit revelation and forever relate God to the accumulation of silver, gold, timber, steel, plastic, pleasures of the flesh and this sin-cursed earthbound realm we now wade through on our way home to his place........click.

This is not 'seeing' God/Jesus the Christ, it is actually missing him big-time. God's Plan is that we partake of his holiness (through faith-obedience to his word/doctrine) that we may be one with him even as the Christ is one with Father....hence part of the body of the Christ, the church (His) we shall be, without question...ref/Luke 8:21, Matthew 10:13-15.

No, holiness is not an option, a matter of choice for the disciple (the people of God) of the Christ Jesus it is an absolute and ultimatum..."Without holiness we shall not see God and be holy as I am holy"....Hebrews 12:10, 14, 1 John 2:3-6, 1 Peter 1:13-16...Selah...click.

After all, we are supposedly born of, baptised into, filled with and led by a spirit that is...'holy'...aren't we, maybe I'm being 'holier than thou'....as the Pharisees would say wrapped up in their robes, gowns, Italian suits, diamond/diamante rings, tie bars and cuff-links.

So what is holiness anyway?......honesty, truth and humility with Jesus as preeminent (at the helm). I hope to see you in his (holiness) presence for eternity.....Pastor Paul Sheehan, 5th November 2009.....click.