House of Prayer / Den of Thieves .. Part Four
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Peddling The Word of God


What we have here is a letter that was sent to a young christian lady who is not mentally complete... suffers from low self esteem and battles to understand the word of God.. this letter was sent from the all famous .. Marilyn Hickey Ministries, USA ... have you ever read anything so cruel?. . 2 Peter 2:3.

You contacted us,

....and we've been praying for you and your special prayer request. Yet, we don't want to stop there.

In fact, {we're taking this very seriously because} there are 2 more things I'd like to immediately do with you:

FIRST - I've wanted to ANOINT you with oil and make a personal connection of miracle faith with you.

That's why I enclosed a packet of anointing oil (which I've personally blessed and prayed over). I want you to open it and place a few drops in the palms of your hands and touch them to your forehead . . . your heart . . . your feet and any area of your body that needs a miracle touch from Jesus.

Then anoint anyone in your family who needs a miracle touch. Anoint anything in your house that represents an area of need [like your chequebook, house, car, pictures of loved ones . . . LET THE HOLY SPIRIT LEAD YOU . . . and speak the name of "Jesus" as you do]. I want to PASS along a MIRACLE ANOINTING from me to you!

SECOND ? While the Spirit of God is moving, we want to release the POWER of the "PRAYED of AGREEMENT" with you for EVERY pressing, personal need, care, or concern that you may be carrying in your heart (according to Matthew 18:19).

[]       Marilyn I do feel led to include a ministry gift of love and support.
         Enclosed is: $_______

[]       I have a heart for missions. Enclosed is an "Extra-mile" world outreach gift of
         $______. Use it wherever the need is the greatest.

[]       I have a loved one who needs a miracle harvest. Here's a Proxy seed faith offering of
$_______ . . . that I'm sowing on their behalf.

I really don't think we need to spend a lot of time on exposing Marilyn's heart of hearts, for most can be automatically seen by the reading of the letter sent to miss anon. The letter is only in part, to display the rest would be overkill.

Paul the apostle said this .."for we are not as so many .. peddling the word of God .. but as of sincerity but as from God, we speak in the sight of God in Christ ... 2 Corinthians 2:17.

The word peddle means .. to go around selling or to adulterate for gain.

The word adulterate means .. to make impure by addition.

Yes, miss Hickey along with her faith movement friends are all under the same, spiritual crime .. they go around selling the word of God and they have and do continue to .. add to Gods word and make it impure, not that they can but they do adulterate His word anyhow...

I want to quickly address the letter .. M.H.. says that she wants to anoint the young lady with oil and make .. personal contact with her by faith.. this is nothing but good old witchcraft and new age talk at its best.

Marilyn's in USA or elsewhere in the world and miss X is in Australia. Then M.H. goes on to say that she has enclosed a batch of anointing oil "which she has personally blessed and prayed over". This tells me that the power is in the oil and not the God who made the oil. The power is there all because Marilyn blessed it .. get it?

M.H.. then goes on to tell the young lady down under to anoint anything with this special brew of oil and finally she mentions the .."checkbook".. anoint that too... maybe money will start to be transacted into her account?

Excuse me a minute .. let me make mention of one of the AOG prophets in Australia, Steve Penny. He once said on TV land .."I rebuke the spirit of trickle flow in the church". He done this to release the big dollars into the claws of the peddlers of Gods word... can you believe it?.. they call him a prophet.

Getting back to Marilyn and her myths .. she then says she is going to pass along a miracle anointing from her to the young lady down under. So far Gods done naught and Marilyn's done the lot but she did say make mention of the name Jesus. Her second major point was, she released the power of the prayer of agreement, which means Marilyn has the power under lock and key, sounds a little jezebelish to me. And to put the icing on the cake she/Marilyn, uses her most powerful weapon of all .. the power of suggestion .. and she makes available three options..

Monies for love and support..$$$
Monies for world outreach..$$$$
Monies for other persons miracle/proxy seed faith offering..$$$

If this is not peddling the word of God then what is it?.. and when ever you read anything always remember that every lie comes direct from the devil/satan.

When all is said and done, whether it is Hickey, Hinn, Copeland, Savelle, Joyner, Dollar, Price,.. whether seed faith talk or word of faith language .. there is always plenty of talk, very little faith, virtually no prayer and a lot of thieving going on .. house of prayer or den of thieves, which one are you in?

November, 2001