To Pastor Paul Sheehan ..

Hi Paul.. I think it’s GREAT what you are doing for God, and also having the Courage of your Convictions, but ‘we as Christians’ have to be careful we don’t Alienate Potential Newcomers to the Faith by our bigotry.

I was once a ‘Protestant’ but thanks to the ‘Roman Catholic Church’ I am Alive today both Spiritually and Physically. I owe so much to that Church NOT the Protestant! I spend my time helping people Find God, Understand why Jesus is in their lives and more, etc. I don’t spend my time nit picking the microscopic points in others' Faiths.

 I’ve got no time for that. I’m surprised you have the time to spend when you ‘CLAIM’ to be working for God?.. Blessings.
Mr Cameron Auld
Roman Catholic–Prison Chaplin….. Brisbane
Gidday Cameron .. You reckon THAT IT IS 'GREAT' WHAT I AM DOING FOR GOD in one breath then you say that I am a Nit-Picker and that 'I CLAIM' to do the Work of God. You are confused bud like every other ‘Roman Catholic Sinner’ on the planet.. totally confused... :)

We differ greatly in our belief and our God. I owe nothing to No Church or Human on the Earth, especially the DEFILED ROMAN CATHOLIC PAEDOPHILE  IMPOSTOR CHURCH AND THEIR PEOPLES.. I owe my entire life and all I have, multiplied, to the TRUTH-JESUS THE CHRIST... JESUS SAYS I AM THE TRUTH!!!

And don't give me that ‘Alienating New Comers Trash’ either.. no person on the earth can hold another back from doing Fathers Will.. Hog Wash!.. you sound like EVE IN EDEN ..the Devil made me do it .. that preacher made me do it... that Church made me do it.. I DON'T GO TO CHURCH BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WAS LITTLE OR SOME OTHER GARBAGE EXCUSE...NO!.. YOU DONE IT WITH YOUR ...OWN FREE WILL ...STUPID.


I firmly believe that it is impossible to be SPIRITUALLY ALIVE AND IN RIGHT STANDING WITH YAHWEH and still be a devoted, faithful ROMAN CATHOLIC, total Impossibility.. IT'S ONE OR THE OTHER .. IT’S THE RELIGIONS OF MEN OR THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE CHRIST.. REF/GALATIANS 2:20, 1 TIMOTHY 2:5.


You and your wife need to be BORN-AGAIN matey and then your eyes will be opened to the TRUTH and then you can commence/start growing as a baby in THE FAITH-DOCTRINE OF THE CHRIST AND BE SAVED FROM ETERNAL HELL-FIRE ... IF YOU CONTINUE ON ... REF/ROMANS 11:22.

Pastor: Paul Sheehan … JTCM-Mission, Brisbane … 19.1.2013