● IT IS NO SECRET............
Hard-Line AOG pastor Dan Nalliah (and close buddy of John Winston Howard a classic anglican, who says the League of Rights are a 'bit' anti-semitic) praises and gives thanks to paedophile church leader/the late-Frank Houston of Hillsong, father of Brian Houston. It is said that Hillsong have a 50% attendee turnover rate every 5 years........click.

It is remarkable to hear that this 'so-called' hard-line AOG pastor who calls himself a prophet had an old woman blowing the shofar at one of his latest exaggerated-hype-sessions, she was obviously the only man available. Not to mention Mr. Danny Nalliah's ecumenical connections with Roman Catholics, COC, CRC, Brethren and a mixed bag of other willful backslidden denominations......click.

Nalliah said of the Australia Day United Prayer Meet 26.1.2007 to be an unprecedented 'sign of unity' across the Christian (christian?) Church Media. Danny apparently worked tirelessly for months to bring it all together.......click.

Peter Stokes congratulated Danny for his 'self' effort of the ECM awakening. Obviously plenty of salt shakers but where is the salt?.....

Don't worry yourself dear reader (the best is yet to come) it's gunna get worse than this as of 2008. Jesus said thousands of years ago that myriads would in due time pool their souls into one big christless humanistic bid for 'peace' (a one-world-church) regardless to what his/Jesus the Christ's Doctrine says.......click. It was said recently on the news that thousands in Australia are turning to Buddha for Peace....ref/Dalai Lama Visit.
● They will cry peace!..and safety!...then cometh sudden destruction.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
1 Kings 22:8, Matthew 10:34
P.S. Mr. Nalliah's ECM-ecumenical friends, brothers and sisters can be more clearly seen by clicking onto..... ......www.catchthefire.com.au JTCM also has copy for ref/print......click.
Late Notice: For John Howard (who claims to be a christian) to say that The League of Rights were a 'bit' anti-semitic and then in the next breath after the heat comes on, changes his line to " I abhor the league of rights" with a 'bit' of jewish persuasion along the way, gives us all a little 'bit' more of an insight into the true character of John Winston Howard.

How can Howard a man who lies continuously, takes sweeteners from religious cult-businesses, a man whose governmental books are out of step with the Auditor General/ANAO to the tune of $400 Millions AUD run a nation that is desperately in need of a 'honest man with a God fearing backbone who takes not a bribe'.....how is this possible?????......and then of course we have Mr. Abbott a staunch roman catholic who refuses to go to the confessional box and spit the truth out.

To condemn something or someone is by no means to say that thing or that person is....'a bit'....this or that. Contradiction is in play here dressed in compromise, deceit and cowardice.......Matthew 5:37.