It's Not!
(by price tags or bar codes but by holy ghost)

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By the spirit is exactly what it says by the spirit. I have never come across one singular scripture anywhere in the holy bible that tells us to sell the word of God, peddle the word of God or market the word of the almighty Saviour. I have only been looking for 17 plus years, how about you?......... .............(click here).

False teachers and the heretics of the religious world have always sold the oracles of God and have always put this down as God providing for their miracle ministries. This kind of talk has holes all through it and can not be justified by scripture and faith in Jesus is not  needed to take this road.

If this practise of selling Jesus Oracles was spirit (from God) we also must then say that those such as.... The Orange People, The World's Peoples and every other religious sham on the planet that sells religious material is also backed by the God of Abraham also included would be The Roman Catholic System and Islam.......(click here).

Jesus smashed up a temple and drove the people out with a whip all because they traded in the house of God. How do you think he would feel about men and women selling, trading his words in order to make themselves known, richer, greater famous etc.....and they do this with his, Jesus name stamped on the top for all to see. How do you think he would see this kind of carry on?...I believe it makes him wrath even more wrath than the money changers in the temple. At least the money changers weren't limiting his, Jesus word to a price tag. I don't think you could despise Jesus in any greater way. After all, Jesus does prize his word above human beings, male or female.......2 Timothy 2:13.

We can not find any man of God selling the oracles of God in order to pay for the upkeep of his ministry?.....all because it was the spirit of God leading and not book sales, tape sales and dvd, cd chart breaking sales.

The Word of Yahweh is like no other in any way or form. But many a gold digger has dragged it down to the level of price tags and bar codes always with themselves in mind and who really cares about the way, the pattern and the road Jesus set before his disciples anyway. (click here)

I can not believe for one minute that Jesus approves of men and women selling his sayings and then turning around and claiming that God Almighty was the one who exalted them and appointed them by the power of His Spirit...... .............(click here).

It's not by price tag, it's not by bar code but by my spirit says the Lord!
Silver and Gold have I none, it's time for a reality check.
Pastor Paul Sheehan
Galatians 1:10
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Footnote: There's a lot to be accounted for if we dare to want the might cost you dearly.