John or Mona?
(or just another artist in darkness?)

Some would say that it reminds them of their aunty or maybe 'grandma Pears' on your dad's side but believe it or not, this painting is supposed to be John the baptiser. I could probably accept John from the baptist or uniting church denomination but never "John the baptiser" of Matthew 3:1-12.

One periodical has it as Leonardo Da Vinci's last paint job in the 15th century. I certainly hope so, I don't think I could bear another.

On looking at this painting I can not help but see it for something entirely different than what it has been titled............."ST JOHN THE BAPTIST".

I reckon Leonardo ate too much pizza and drank too much vino when he did this one, hence put the wrong name on it. Actually this painting looks more like the "mythical" Mona Lisa after a failed attempt of hormone replacement treatment was performed and she is blaming God for it, as usual.

Painting another picture altogether
Pablo Sheehan/shepherd