Dear Pastor Paul Sheehan ..Greetings and blessing to you and your Ministry as a whole.

Have been delighted to have found Your Website that is working in the Lord's Vineyard. We have been touched to know the Good Work you are doing for God’s people. We are seeking Mentorship and Affiliation with your Ministry-Church. Thank you so much for your prayers and correspondence.

Your concern about our Ministry has been highly appreciated by our people. May your efforts to strengthen this Ministry bear much fruits for our One True God.

As much as we want to progress in the Gospel Ministry and Services to the poor and suffering we are always hampered due to lack of ways to meet this. We praise the Lord for your interest to assist when God provides.

We pray to God to Open His Mighty Ways for you so that we are able to work together in His vineyard as we await His Kingdom to come.

Kindly I would request you if the Lord will allow. Please consider coming to Kenya and Ministering to us.

Some beliefs we have in common with your Ministry/Church are ..

1. We don’t accept Selling the Word of God in book form, cd, dvd or sheet paper as it is Unbiblical ..

2. We don’t preach Tithes.

3. We also protest against all Doctrines contrary to Christ’s and believe the Roman Catholic Church to be the Mother to Harlot Churches.

4. And we don’t accept women Pastors or women authority in Church.

5. Neither do we accept Homosexual churches and Church Leaders .. at all.

6. We believe in the Rapture/Upward Call of the Church at the Return Of Christ from the clouds.

7. And we don’t accept all that call themselves Christian as Christian but accept Christians that are Spirit filled and Spirit led.

Yes, I do believe you can Lose/Forfeit your Salvation after you have been Born-Again, Blood Washed, Water Baptized and Speaking with other Tongues.. through .. Unrepented Ongoing Sin.

Warm regards and love from the Kenya Family.

God bless you .. Remain blessed as we hope to hear from you soon.

In The Lord's Service
Pastor Grivine Omwenga
‘Obwachani (Independent) Fellowship’

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